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The 3 Most Exciting Upcoming PlayStation VR Games

Sep 26, 2016

By: Max Cannon

PlayStation VR will hit store shelves on October 13th, assuming they're not preordered out of existence. VR/Virtual Reality has been giving gamers a totally new way to play since the Oculus Rift's release earlier this year but with PlayStation VR it's possible to play these games without spending thousands on a computer and VR headset, though it will set you back a little bit. 

With PSVR releasing soon that means we can expect a slew of games to come along with it. In fact there are currently 26 games to accompany the unit's launch on October 13th and that doesn't include any previously released games that will get a VR mode. With so many games releasing at once it can be hard to pick out which ones you should get your hands on. Check out the three games that have us most excited to strap into VR.

PlayStation VR will change the way we play games.PlayStation VR will change the way we play games.Courtesy of Tech Radar

Batman: Arkham VR

Batman: Arkham Knight was one of my favorite games of last year and the Arkham series has definitely made its mark on the industry. Batman: Arkham VR will get players even closer to being Batman as the entire game is played in the first person perspective of our hero. There isn't any gameplay made available to the public yet but rumors suggest the story seems to take place before the end of Arkham Knight. You'll start in Wayne Manor as Bruce Wayne before making your way into the secret Batcave, suiting up, and setting out to fight crime on another night as the Batman

Like I had mentioned, gameplay information is scarce but the fact that this is developed by same team as the other 3 main Arkham games puts my mind at ease. Developer Rocksteady has also confirmed that this is their final Batman game and that they will be moving on to make their "dream game." I wouldn't expect Batman: Arkham VR to be very long, maybe around 2 hours, but I would definitely expect it to be very good. 

PlayStation VR Worlds

When I was younger I would often go out of my way to get my hands on demo discs. These discs would have short little snippets of upcoming games and definitely helped me decide what I should buy - or rather beg my parents to get me for my birthday. Playing these short little experiences is what VR will be all about and PlayStation VR Worlds will feature 5 short, different games from Luge to The London Heist.

A grab bag of games to play to really help you figure out which games you'll like the most. VR will be totally different than any other game platform we've played with before and it'll be hard to get a grasp on what works and what doesn't for both us as consumers and for the developers. Some of the games in PlayStation VR Worlds may not be great and some of them may be fantastic and some of them not so much, but the more games I try the more I can figure out what I like. Like the demo discs from my childhood - oh and PlayStation VR recently announced that it comes with a demo disc.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn was the horror darling released last year for the PlayStation 4, a mix of horror movies and Heavy Rain style gameplay - it was also the first time I really took note of Rami Malek who now stars in "Mr. Robot," my new obsession. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood takes some assorted characters and ideas from the original game and puts players on a frightening roller coaster ride.

As a big fan of horror games I can't wait to shift my perspective into getting scared in a totally new way. The shift to VR may be totally overwhelming and with games like Resident Evil 7 coming up it could be hard for players to even muster the courage to take a single step, by forcing players to constantly move in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood we've already cleared an early hurdle of horror gaming. 

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