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3 Games Wanted For The Nintendo Switch

Nov 14, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Finally, the rumors were true! The Nintendo Switch is a console/handheld hybrid and boy, oh boy, do I want one. But what is a great console without some great games? Luckily for us, Nintendo has one of the greatest rosters of potential games in video gaming history. Here's our list of the most coveted games to hit the Nintendo Switch. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

The obvious one. I didn't even need to see gameplay to know that I wanted the new Zelda game. But Nintendo blessed us with some quality gameplay and it looks impressive. Focusing less on the semi-open worlds of past entries, the new game aims to be an entirely open world adventure. Games in The Legend of Zelda series are often criticized for following the same formula too often but this game clearly takes lessons taught by the competition and applies them with that Nintendo charm that infected most gamers at some point in their lives.

Physics plays a central role to the world like Half-Life. Weather impacts your journey like Fallout. Climbing is based on stamina like Shadow of The Colossus... or The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, I suppose. But this game really shows growth to a beloved series that seems like it really is ready to grow up and shake off the criticism. This is also one of the only games that is actually confirmed to be on the Nintendo Switch, whether it was built with the Switch in mind or just as a port from the Wii U, well only time will tell. 

Super Mario Something

I love Super Mario 64. I love Super Mario Sunshine. I love Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2. So I think it's fair to assume that I would love a new 3D Mario game on the Nintendo Switch. The Wii U had Super Mario 3D World which focused less on the open collecting of power stars and shine sprites in lieu of a more linear platformer, it's a great game but not why I fell in love with 3D Mario games - even Super Mario Galaxy deviated a bit from why the openness of the previous 2 3D Mario games.

Luckily when the Nintendo Switch was officially revealed, via a trailer with a real catchy song, we got a glimpse at some 3D Mario and it was certainly the most exciting part of the entire trailer for me. From what we briefly, very very briefly, saw in the trailer it seemed to be the sort of 3D Mario game that I love most. We saw some of Mario's classic long jumps, triple jumps, and 3D traversal that makes me struggle to restrain myself from running to the store and plopping a thousand dollars on the table for a Nintendo. 

A zoomed-in look at the new Mario from the Nintendo Switch trailer.A zoomed-in look at the new Mario from the Nintendo Switch trailer.Courtesy of Nintendo


Metroid is such an untapped potential for Nintendo. While the Metroid Prime Trilogy really fleshed out the world of bounty hunter Samus Aran, we haven't seen a real entry in the series since the early days of the Wii - which may as well have been the Gamecube generation as far as I'm concerned. Most players know Samus as a playable character in Super Smash Bros - which coincidentally is rumored to be ported to the Nintendo Switch as well, so fingers crossed - but she's deserving of more praise and recognition than that. 

Many Nintendo games are so beloved because of their bouncy, cartoonish charm but Metroid would benefit from a more powerful, more realistic art style. Flying through space, shooting across hubworlds, and solving puzzles on distant planets are staples of the Metroid series but there are many more games in the current world that would also fit that bill. It's a difficult game to make stand out in 2016 but I would love to see Nintendo take a crack at it, as only they can.

The most recent game in the Metroid series, Other M, recieved a mixed reception.The most recent game in the Metroid series, Other M, recieved a mixed reception.Courtesy of Nintendo
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