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What Is Next For Telltale Games?

Nov 22, 2016

By: Max Cannon

Telltale Games has been one of the most popular developers since the release of The Walking Dead game in 2012. Their brand of episodic adventure gaming, while lacking in polish, pushed the medium forward in terms of storytelling. What's next for the king of "choose your own adventure" gaming?

Marvel joined up with Telltale games over 2 years ago!Marvel joined up with Telltale games over 2 years ago!Courtesy of Telltale

Marvel Will Remember That

2 years ago, Marvel announced that they had teamed up with Telltale Games to release a game in 2017. With the year coming to an end, it seems like we may not actually get our hands on the latest Marvel game. However rumors have been backed by some pretty strong evidence that Telltale's next adventure game will be set in the world of Guardian's of The Galaxy. Thanks to the ongoing strike for video game voice actors, a list of upcoming games was leaked showing two games by a company called O'Farrell Entertainment. O'Farrell Entertainment is tied to an already exiting Telltale property for one game and the other is listed as Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Video Game a/k/a Blue Harvest. 

The Guardians of The Galaxy would translate excellently to a Telltale adventure.The Guardians of The Galaxy would translate excellently to a Telltale adventure.Courtesy of Digital Spy

Telltale announced their Marvel partnership in 2014, while 2015 showed the announcement of Batman - The Telltale Series which already released earlier this year - in fact the fourth of five episodes released this week. With less than a year between the announcement and release of Telltale's Batman, I would say we are long overdue for a Marvel game. Marvel has also stated that they're hoping to raise the bar they'd lowly set for the quality of their licensed games, which the announcement of PlayStation 4's exclusive Spider-Man game developed by Insomniac would confirm. If the word is true, and Guardian's of The Galaxy is coming from Telltale, expect episodic gameplay and some tough choices.

And if you were wondering about that other Telltale game that was listed...

The next season of The Walking Dead throws new characters into Clementine's world.The next season of The Walking Dead throws new characters into Clementine's world.Courtesy of Telltale Games

A New Frontier For The Walkers

Clementine returns for season three of The Walking Dead, the series that put Telltale on the map. Ditching the season name in the title, the official name of the latest entry will be The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Episode one will be available for download on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS for $4.99 on December 20th - if you're a physical release sort of guy you'll need to wait until February to pick up the disc. A season pass will also release for $24.99 on the same day. 

A trailer was released for the upcoming game during E3 earlier this year, check it out below!

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - E3 Reveal Trailer

It's not clear how much time has passed since the cliffhanger ending of the last season, but Clementine is clearly a little bit older and still using her skillset she learned from Lee in Season 1. You'd better believe I'll be downloading the game on December 20th. 

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