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March 2017's Free PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold

Mar 02, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Every month Sony and Microsoft release a slew of "free" games on their respective platforms if you are already paying for an online subscription for either company. You don't need the newest console to take part either as both PlayStation Plus and Xbox's Games With Gold offer games on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and even PlayStation Vita.)

The New Games of PlayStation Plus

Starting Tuesday, March 7th you can get these upcoming games for free if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

  • Disc Jam (PlayStation 4)
  • Tearaway Unfolded (PlayStation 4)
  • Under Night: In-Birth (PlayStation 3)
  • Earth Defense Force 2025 (PlayStation 3)
  • Lumo (PlayStation Vita, Cross Buy with PlayStation 4)
  • Severed (PlayStation Vita)

Disc Jam will launch on PlayStation Plus.Disc Jam will launch on PlayStation Plus.Courtesy of PlayStation

Most of the time, PlayStation Plus games will be killer on PlayStation 4 but ignore the other two platforms, especially the Vita. Well this month we have a fantastic pair of games on PlayStation 4 and the addition of one of the highest reviewed games ever released on the Vita.

I haven't heard much about Disc Jam, but people seem to be very excited for it, this 3D volleyball/Frisbee hybrid will launch on PlayStation Plus. Tearaway Unfolded is the rerelease of Vita's Tearaway, a 3D platformer from the creators of LittleBigPlanet. It's on almost every list of Best Vita Games so its inclusion on PlayStation 4 is welcome.

The PlayStation 3 games aren't exactly at the same level of quality. Under-Night: In Birth is a 2D fighting game with an Anime art style. Earth Defense Force 2025 is a 3rd person shooter where you'll blast away at giant bugs, not a well revered game but it has a small cult following.

And finally the Vita games. First off, Lumo is a surprising little puzzle-platformer that I didn't think twice about, until I checked out the trailer (which I've included below.) And Severed, from the creators of Guacamelee, is a first person dungeon crawler with touch screen combat that has some very high praise. 

Lumo • Launch Trailer • PS4 Xbox One PS Vita PC

The New Game of Xbox's Games With Gold

Since Wednesday, March 1st you can access the first wave of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360, if you have a Gold subscription on Xbox.

  • Layers of Fear (Xbox One)
  • Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible on Xbox One)

The second wave of games begins on Thursday, March 16th.

  • Evolve Ultimate Edition (Xbox One)
  • Heavy Weapon (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible on Xbox One)

Xbox Games With Gold - March 2017 Trailer

Some really good games on Xbox, as well. Layers of Fear is an atmospheric, first person horror game. It's a little on the shorter side, but free is free and I love horror games. Borderlands 2 is a first person shooter centered around some great coop gameplay. However, though it is nice to have it available as backwards compatible, there is a remaster of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Xbox One (and PS4) as Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Evolve is another multiplayer centric shooter, but unlike the open world of Borderlands, it's a handful of players against a giant player controlled monster. Heavy Weapon is a sidescrolling shoot em' up from the Xbox Live Arcade glory days on Xbox 360.

March 2017's Games With Gold lineup.March 2017's Games With Gold lineup.Courtesy of Xbox

My Winner This Month:

A good group of games on both platforms. I'd definitely have to give it to PlayStation this month. I'm excited to see what Disc Jam is all about and I'm definitely going to be playing Tearaway Unfolded and Severed. A trio of games that I'm excited to give a try. 

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