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10 Ways to Make Good Grades

Oct 10, 2018

The new school year has begun, and while it is hard to adjust to, you still need to pull your weight academically. Here are 10 tips to help you make the grade:

1. Pay Attention

It is very important that you are mindful in class. Do your best to listen to your teachers, pay attention to what they are talking about (especially what they are stressing on), write down what they say. It is very important to take notes during class and write down things that your teacher says. The more you get down on paper, the better. It’s an unproven fact that teachers often test the material they teach in class (they too want to know that you are paying attention) so if you stay on top of doing this, and study this material, it will give you an advantage at test taking time.

Paying attention in class is key.Paying attention in class is key.

2. Do Your Readings

If you are assigned reading for the next day, don’t leave it for later (or the last minute), or be that student who shows up to class cramming because they haven’t read it at all.  Read it. Your teacher is going to discuss that material in class and might test you on it. You don’t want to feel lost in the material because it will make you feel insecure in class, especially if your teacher calls on people randomly to participate. Doing your readings will also help you to feel like you are on top of things, and you won’t get behind, which can be very dangerous especially for students who plan to graduate this year.

3. Don’t socialize in class

Save breaks, recess, and lunch for socializing and try to stay alert and focused in class. Your teacher will label you as the “social student” who cares more about socializing than their education. Socializing in class in any form, even passing notes is not being mindful. You are distracting yourself from something that is very important for you to pay attention to.

Do you care about your grades?Do you care about your grades?

4. Participate

If you’ve been doing your readings this is your time to show off. Demonstrate that you are taking the time to pay attention and participate in class. Raise your hand, make comments, ask questions, volunteer if the teacher asks, but do whatever you can to show that you are present. Show your teacher that you are aware of what he/she is teaching you. It will demonstrate that you’ve been doing your work and it will affect your participation grade. Additionally, sometimes teachers will bump you to the next grade because they’ve seen your efforts and high level of participation.

5. Do Your Work

Stay on top of your assignments and homework. Do your work. Do it when it is assigned and not the day before its due or at the last minute. Don’t make excuses about why you can’t do your work. Don’t act like it doesn’t matter. Do you really want to be facing failure or summer school in the future? When you do your work, you will feel accomplished and confident for class the next day. When you take the time to take care of your responsibilities you can reward yourself with fun and leisure time because you earned it!

Following these ten steps will help to improve your gradesFollowing these ten steps will help to improve your grades.

6. Ask for Help

If you don’t understand something, talk to your teachers or work with peer tutors. There are plenty of people who are handy and happy to help. Your teachers want you to excel because that’s a reflection of their own abilities. They will do whatever they can to help you understand what they are teaching. Do whatever you need to ensure you are getting the help you require. If this means getting a private tutor then you should look into that.

7. Correct Your Mistakes

If you get a test or essay back, go back and correct your mistakes. Look at the comments made and rewrite or fix the document. Make sure you understand the mistakes and that you know how to fix them. This honestly helps you to learn and not make the same mistake again. It helps you get in the habit of improving your work.

Studying is essential to getting good gradesStudying is essential to getting good grades.

8. Study

Even if there isn’t a big test coming up, stay on top of your material. Take time to read, take notes and study. This doesn’t make you a nerd. This makes you someone who cares about their future and wants to build a road towards success. Studying will also decrease anxiety as you won’t feel the uneasiness of being behind. Studying helps you stay on top of your subjects so that you can feel in tune with what’s going on in school.

9. Work with your Peers

I’m sure you’ll discover there are many other students who want to do well and would love to work together. Find people who have the same objective as you, who you can work well with and study with. The collaboration of brains can be very effective and will help you learn things you couldn’t on your own. People will provide diverse perspectives providing you with different and new angles to look at things with.

Working with others enhances our learing experience.Working with others enhances our learning experience.

10. Get Ahead

If you can, always keep reading, always try to stay one step ahead of the game to ensure your success and minimize your stress level. It’s not easy, not many people like to do homework, but it will truly benefit you in the long run. You might even be awarded for your efforts. Anything is possible when you have determination, drive, and motivation.

Everyone learns differently, some people have learning disabilities and this makes learning more complicated as learning has to be specialized for the individual. Still, even these students who are proven to be bright can excel when they want to, and make the grade. Natural smarts will get you far, but when it comes to school, you’ve got to put in the work.

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