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Teagan Croft is The Osiris Child Exclusive Interview

Oct 05, 2017

By: Lynn Barker

In the film The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One, 13-year-old Aussie actress Teagan Croft plays a tween who is very alone and in great danger on a colony planet about to be destroyed. Can her dad come to save her? This is the teen’s first film after some stellar stage work in her native country and she has been cast in the new DC Universe 2018 TV show “Titans” as young Raven, a super powered empath who must keep her emotions in check or launch her demonic side. With the show shooting very soon in Toronto, Teagan took time to talk to us about the movie that launched her career.

Teagan as Indi on the runTeagan as Indi on the run

We did ask her if she is more comfortable hiding in a hoodie like Raven or is she more outgoing. “I think I’m more outgoing”, replied Teagan. “Whenever I go to a new place I always go up to people and try and connect because I feel like if I’m not going to do anything about it who will?” Good point. Now let’s talk about “The Osiris Child”, her scenes with “Twilight” hottie Kellan Lutz and much more.  

Kidzworld: You were eleven when you played Indi in this film.  Is there anything you would do differently now two years later?

  • Teagan: Since it was such a new experience for me, I feel that it’s difficult to understand if I would do something different or not. It was my first thing on film but I do feel like I wouldn’t do anything different even if I’d been a teenager then.

Teagan, as Indi, takes aimTeagan, as Indi, takes aim

Kidzworld: How are you like Indi and how different?

  • Teagan: Indi is very adventurous and outgoing and not afraid to say what she wants.
  • That’s important to me as a characteristic because if you say what you want in the world there is nothing to hide. In the ways I’m different, she’s a child of divorce and feels lonely sometimes but I never feel that. I have the support of everybody around me and I’m so glad that I have them.

Kidzworld: When you got the part, did you send in a video or audition in person a lot of times? How did that go?

  • Teagan: I auditioned in person because it was an Australian film. Kellan was still in America when the auditions happened so I didn’t do any chemistry tests with him but I did read opposite Ben MacPherson (who plays her dad). He really helped me. I never would have gotten the role without his help. I came in twice then they told me I got it.

Indi's dad Kane and Sy fight their way to her apartment buildingIndi's dad Kane and Sy fight their way to her apartment building

Kidzworld: How was working with Kellan? Had you seen him in any of the “Twilight” films?

  • Teagan: Actually, when I first met him I hadn’t seen the “Twilight” movies but I’d read the books and I knew he was one of the vampires. I’d seen movie posters with his face everywhere. He’s such a nice person, incredible to work with. He always included me in the process of all our scenes together. I was really glad to have somebody like that on set who I could always lean on.

Kidzworld: When you first read the script, did it seem exciting to you or kind of scary at age eleven?

  • Teagan: I really liked it because I’m a fan of Sci Fi. I was raised on Star Wars and “Doctor Who” so I really liked the script originally. It was very creative. Shane (Abbess, director/writer) and Brian (Cachia, writer and music score) they were so creative and it was a really good script. I really wanted the part and was so happy when I got it.

Indi's dad Kane (Dan MacPherson) teaches her how to shootIndi's dad Kane (Dan MacPherson) teaches her how to shoot

Kidzworld: You got to play Scout, a lead part in a stage production of “To Kill a Mockingbird”. That was pretty cool. This was your first film so did you have to adapt quickly to acting in film versus on stage?

  • Teagan: Yes I did. You don’t usually see “To Kill a Mockingbird” on stage (It was a famous film and book). It was a great cast and a great character; a good starting point. There is growth in there and it’s a good role. It’s a big contrast acting in film. The stage is so much bigger and you have to play live to a whole audience. On film there is a camera in your face picking up your every little movement so you have to go from very exaggerated (on stage) to very miniscule.

Indi's dad tries to comfort her during the crisisIndi's dad tries to comfort her during the crisis

Kidzworld: Do you believe what was said to you in the film? “Never trust a person who is nice. They want something from you”? This might be especially true now that you are getting more famous.

  • Teagan: It depends. A lot of times we judge people on what they want very wrongly. People often have good intentions but at school people who were not very nice to me were suddenly wanting to be my friend once I’d say “I’m in a movie” so it’s a bit tough sometimes but on the whole, people usually have good intentions. I’m glad to have good friends from before all this happened who are still my friends. That’s who I go back to.

Indi, in space suit, alone in the bunker areaIndi, in space suit, alone in the bunker areaCourtesy of

Kidzworld: There are some pretty scary creatures in the movie. Was there some guy in a creature suit on set for you to interact with or was the creature you have scenes with all done with computer later?

  • Teagan: The creature is actually a puppet plus a guy in a big suit and it was really interesting to see how it was made. It was so creative. It was really good to work with because it’s so much easier to act with that, to have something to react to. It was scary in person too but the guy inside was nice.

Indi's dad tells her he's going to the orbiting stationIndi's dad tells her he's going to the orbiting station

Kidzworld: What was the most fun about shooting the film and what was really hard?

  • Teagan: It was great seeing the make-up that was done. There was dirt and grime and blood. It was interesting to see it done. People had tattoos applied and they dyed people’s hair. That was fun but it took a long time. It was a half an hour for me to get mine on.  As for something hard, a lot of scenes where I had to show a lot of emotion were hard. It was difficult because when you show emotion in film it has to be one hundred percent real. It can’t be faked because the cameras will pick that up. It was difficult to unlock that emotion originally but the director and the cast really helped me with that. I think I’m a much better actor because of that.

Teagan as Indi on set with her directorTeagan as Indi on set with her director

Kidzworld: You play guitar and sing. Is that what you do on a day off or what is a typical day like for you when you aren’t working?

  • Teagan: Yeah. I like music. I like writing music sometimes. I’m an avid reader. You often see me reading a book lying in bed. I loved “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” (book series). Right now I like “And I Darken”. It’s about a warrior princess set in the past. She was a first born but being a girl, she wasn’t given the title of ruler. She’s tough and her brother isn’t. It’s interesting.

Kidzworld: You like to take pix with your phone. What is the favorite picture you have ever taken?

  • Teagan: There this picture of my sister. I did my sister’s make-up with purple eyeliner, purple and shiny lips and took a picture of her on our spiral (fire) escape stairs. That’s my favorite.

Kidzworld: Who is your celebrity crush?

  • Teagan: I don’t really have those because I find it to be uncomfortable. They are all way older than me and I have no idea who they are.

Indi (Teagan Croft) has gone through a lot on her journey to the bunkerIndi (Teagan Croft) has gone through a lot on her journey to the bunker

Kidzworld: Then who do you hope you get to act with some day?

  • Teagan: Jennifer Lawrence is a big inspiration to me. She’s such a good actor and a normal person. It’s great to see people who are down to earth. Also Mia Wasikowska who was Alice in Wonderland. Also an Australian actor. I looked up to her when I was younger and she was a great inspiration.

Kidzworld: What bands or music artists are you into now?

  • Teagan: I’ve always been a big fan of Ed Sheeran. He writes some amazing songs. He always makes me feel good. Or singles I like but Demi Lovato is a great singer.

Teagan will play Raven in the new Titans seriesTeagan will play Raven in the new Titans series

Kidzworld: Why would older tweens and teens especially enjoy seeing “The Osiris Child”?

  • Teagan: Lots of reasons. It’s a good quality film. The visual effects are really good and it seems like a big budget film and it’s an escape from the real world. So often teens and tweens’ lives are just full of stress. So going to see a Sci-Fi movie is something to just leave the real world behind for 90 minutes. There are some inspirational girl characters in it especially for the girls out there. They kick butt! Also, Indi is strong and independent.

The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One Movie PosterThe Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One Poster

Now Available on DirecTV, in Theaters and On Demand / Digital HD.


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