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The Biggest News From The Game Awards

Dec 08, 2017

By: Max Cannon

The Game Awards didn't just bring a handful of impressive awards but it also surprised us with several new trailers and announcements for upcoming games and content. Read on to see the biggest news from publishers like Nintendo, Xbox, and more!

News from Nintendo

Fans of hack-n-slash games may have already tried out Platinum Games' Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 on earlier platforms but a surprise announcement confirmed that the games were coming to the Nintendo Switch, which makes sense considering Bayonetta 2 was exclusive to the Wii U. Gamers who purchase the 2nd game when it releases on February 16th will receive a download code to pick up the first game for free. On top of that, Nintendo surprised players by immediately one-upping their previous announcement and confirming Bayonetta 3 exclusively on the Switch, at the moment there's no release window.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Champions' Ballad Trailer - The Game Awards 2017


More immediately exciting news came in for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which not only won Game of The Year but also had its new DLC detailed more thoroughly. The Champions' Ballad will add new info about the game's story, a chunk of new shrines, and when you've finished all of the available challenges you'll unlock the Master Cycle Zero, Link's new motorcycle that can help you quickly navigate Hyrule. The best part of that DLC's announcement was certainly the surprise that it would be playable that same night for players who purchased the expansion pass!

Link's new Master Cycle Zero.Link's new Master Cycle Zero.Courtesy of Nintendo

More Content for Multiplayer

The two biggest multiplayer games of the moment had some big reveals during the award show. First off is Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, the biggest game on Steam that pits 100 players against each other as they search for tools for survival on a massive map. The game has been in early access on PC for about 8 months and this Tuesday the game will finally come to consoles with Xbox One. The award show announced that the PC test servers currently have a new map in the game but the Xbox version will get to have it at a later date.

PUBG's new map, Miramar, will come to Xbox at a later date.PUBG's new map, Miramar, will come to Xbox at a later date.Courtesy of Bluehole

Similarly, Fortnite Battle Royale (a free-to-play take on PUBG's formula) announced a new limited time mode that was also available immediately. The new mode is a 50 v 50 that pits 2 teams against each other in the game's sizeable map. After trying it out for myself last night I can safely say that this is a great mode for newcomers and really encourages building up more than the traditional modes of the game. Check out the new trailer below!

Fortnite – Battle Royale 50v50 Announce Trailer | PS4


And that's not all the big news we're going to be seeing this week! Tonight we'll be getting some announcements about PlayStation to kick off the PlayStation Experience and you can certainly expect Sony to try to top the big news at The Game Awards! 

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