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Survivor Amazon Preview

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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Number 6 in the Survivor series is filmed in The Amazon. The contestants range from a deaf woman named Christy Smith to a swimsuit model named Jenna Morasco and the teams are divided up by sex. Male versus female. Who will win?

Kidzworld is here to give ya the scoop on the contestants of Survivor 6 The Amazon. This time, the tribes have already been picked and it's guys against girls - a battle of the sexes! Read on for the dirt on both the Jaburu Tribe (the women's tribe) and the Tambaqui Tribe (the men's tribe.)


Jeanne Hebert

Survivor Jeanne Hebert.
Courtesy CBS
Age: 41
Lifestyle: Jeanne Hebert is a married mother of three who is the Director of Marketing for the New England Dairy Promotion Board, (got milk?) Jeanne Hebert and her fam live in Massachusetts.
Luxury Item: Massage Oil. (Maybe she intends to win her tribe over by giving them rub-downs after those tough challenges.)
Useless Fact: Jeanne once jumped onstage and jammed with Alanis Morissette. Definitely a cool mom.


Shawna Mitchell

Survivor Shawna Mitchell.
Courtesy CBS
Age: 23
Lifestyle: Shawna Mitchell lives with her dog in Los Angeles, California where she works as a salesperson. She's single.
Luxury Item: Soccer Ball. (Unless Mia Hamm signs up for Survivor, I don't think this item will get a lot of use.)
Useless Fact: Shawna Mitchell has an identical twin sister named Kerrin. Maybe she can smuggle her down to the Amazon and they could take turns doing challenges or something.


Christy Smith

Survivor Christy Smith.
Courtesy CBS
Age: 24
Lifestyle: Christy Smith is single and lives in Colorado where she's worked as an adventure camp guide for the Aspen Camp School for the Deaf. Chirsty is deaf and reads lips.
Luxury Item: Sage. (Sounds pretty useless, but according to some, burning sage will drive away evil spirits. Maybe burning sage will keep Christy's tribe from becoming backstabbers and jerks.)
Useless Fact: Christy Smith listed granola bars and sesame sticks as her fave junk food. If that's her fave "junk" food, we'd hate to see her fave "health" food.


Janet Koth

Survivor Janet Koth.
Courtesy CBS
Lifestyle: Janet is married and works as both a travel agent and an abstinence counselor. She lives in Manchester, Missouri with her hubby and two daughters.
Luxury Item: Her daughter's teddy bear. (This luxury item has been done before, and the person with it never wins Survivor. Coincidence? We don't think so.)
Useless Fact: Janet Koth is planning to become a certified hypnotist. (This would have been a useful skill to have before the show. Then she could hypnotize everyone and keep them from voting her off.)


Deena Bennett

Survivor Deena Bennett.
Courtesy CBS
Age: 35
Lifestyle: Deena is married with two sons, two dogs, a bird and a fish living at her Riverside, California home. She's a Deputy District Attorney who has dreamed of becoming a Supreme Court Judge since she was in grade four.
Luxury Item: Water balloons (talk about a quick way to tick off your tribe.)
Useless Fact: If Deena Bennett could be a superhero, she'd like to be Batman because he has cool toys and he has Alfred. According to Deena, "Every mommy in the world needs an Alfred."


Jenna Morasca

Survivor Jenna Morasca.
Courtesy CBS
Age: 21
Lifestyle: Single girl, Jenna Morasca, lives in Bridgeville, Pensylvania where she models swimsuits for a living.
Luxury Item:Zeta Crown (we're not totally sure what this is, but any kind of "crown" can't be good.)
Useless Fact:Jenna was second runner-up in the Miss Pennsylvania USA beauty pageant in 2001. (Isn't that like being in third place? Who brags about third place?)


Heidi Strobel

Survivor Heidi Strobel.
Courtesy CBS
Age: 24
Lifestyle: Heidi is single and works as a PE teach in Buffalo, Missouri.
Luxury Item: Jump rope. (This may actually come in handy for something like building a shelter, catching some grub or tying up annoying tribemates.)
Useless Fact: Heidi's fave sport to play is Ping Pong. (She's a real outdoorsy type, obviously.)


JoAnna Ward

Survivor JoAnna Ward.
Courtesy CBS
Age: 31
Lifestyle: JoAnna is a single mom who lives in Orangeburg, South Carolina where she works as a School Guidance Counselor and is also a Certified Aerobics Instructor.
Luxury Item: A picture of her mom. (Ever notice the sentimental peeps don't get very far on Survivor?)
Useless Fact: JoAnna Ward has been in lots of commercials and made a small appearance in the movie Juwanna Mann.

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