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Internationally We Celebrate the Greatness of Women

Mar 07, 2020

On March 8th we celebrate  International Women’s Day, an immensely important day for humankind and women all over the world. Historically, women have been silenced, they have been oppressed, downsized and positioned to fall prey to the prevailing powers of patriarchy.

Historically, women were not enough, their opinions were considered powerless, and their dreams immediately crushed. Women have endured so much just to be considered equal to their counterparts, just to feel that their sex matters as much as male’s do.

Happy International Women's Day!Happy International Women's Day!

Imagine living in a world where some cultures abort female children or cry upon the birth of another female. The powers given to man have stripped women of so much. Who in all honesty, have always deserved the simple respect to vote, to have a say, to be a mother and a career chaser, and to be paid at the same capacity as men. Women bear the right to be perceived as equally valuable as men. It would be putting it lightly to say that women are victimized, but today we are seeing strides and a hope for a greater change.

A glimpse of the Women's March.A glimpse of the Women's March.

The Women's March

It is without question that you’ve heard of the ground-breaking, worldwide protest on January 21, 2017, in Washington, D.C. where approximately 440,000 – 500,00 people marched to “advocate legislation and politics regarding human rights and other issues including women’s rights, immigration, reform, healthcare reform, reproductive rights, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, radical equality, a freedom of religion and worker’s rights.” A majority of the march was aimed at Donald Trump’s inauguration and statements he has made, which were anti-woman.

This was a worldwide movement, with 29 marches in Canada, 20 in Mexico and one in Antarctica. An estimated total of two million people marched in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. Washington, D.C., was the largest single political march since the anti-Vietnam war protest in the 1960s and 1970s. Women and men from all over united, holding signs that said things like “Girls Rock “, and “When a Woman Rises, Everyone Rises and “Sex Offenders Can’t Live in Public Housing “. Every rally was a very empowering day for women as the attendance and impact were groundbreaking. Several others were inspired by this reality and conducted their own march. It seemed that the highlight was where it should be, on women.

Award-winning actress, Viola Davis spoke at the Los Angeles march spoke eloquently saying that “nothing can be great unless it has cost you something.” Women have certainly endured a lot and this speaks directly to their experience. She acknowledges that while she raises her hand, there are so many women who are still living in silence.

Viola Davis recognizes the silence that still persists.Viola Davis recognizes the silence that still persists.

Oprah's Moving Golden Globe Speech

The conviction to break the silence was applauded when the great Oprah Winfrey recently received the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes. In her speech, she mentioned that so many years, 36 to be exact, were separated between the last time a black person had won the award, but most importantly this was the first time a black female was to win this awards, decades later. Oprah acknowledges the little girls watching her win the award, just as she had watched Sidney Poitier win it 36 years later, and feeling of inspiration that might follow.

Winfrey’s main point is that being able to speak your truth is the “most powerful tool we have.” Her entire speech is tangled up in the empowerment of women and in the change that is about to come. As she says and repeats, “time’s up”, which was followed by a roaring, stand-up applause. Winfrey states it’s time that woman freed their voices so that no other woman would have to utter the words, “me too.”

Oprah floored the world with her empoweing speech about women.Oprah floored the world with her empoweing speech about women.

Me Too

I’m sure you are all aware of the “me too” movement, which required victims of sexual abuse or harassment to come out of the closet and state these words in order to share their thoughts and tell their stories. As one girl wrote on her Facebook page:

“Wow, I guess it's time to stand up and say #metoo.  Honestly, whether they are aware of it/choose to speak out/or acknowledge publicly or privately I'm sure I don't know a single woman over the age of 15 (and sadly some even younger) that hasn't been sexually harassed at some point on some level during their life. I fully stand in support of awareness and publicity of this rampant problem in all its capacities and I hope for my daughter's sake that women keep showing the utmost bravery in speaking out and reporting sexually predatory/harassing/demeaning/minimizing behavior by anyone at any level at any time. This has got to stop. Speaking out will save lives! Please report! #youarenotalone.”

Stand up and say ME TOOStand up and say ME TOO

Another girl wrote: “We shouldn't teach our daughters that boys being mean to them means that they like them. We need to teach our daughters that the men in their lives should cherish and respect them. Boys should be nice to the girls they like. Women should not be conditioned to believe that men (like them) put them down.”

Countless people on the internet wrote the words “me too”, and even more came out and told their stories in detail. Stories of being objectified by men or treated like an object. It was clear, that the objectification and harassment of women was out, free, and spoken.

Oprah promises a change is going to come, and that one day we will live in a world where you don’t have to say “me too.” She promises that a new day is on the horizon, and when that day comes women will no longer have to live in silence.

Women should never stop fighting for equality.Women should never stop fighting for equality.

The 2018 Oscars also paid homage to the need for equality. If a category had equal gender representation, they would acknowledge it. Best Actress winner Frances McDormand made every female nominee stand up in empowerment, and chose her last two words to be “inclusion writers.” Meaning that she wants to see a fair spectrum of both female and male writers in the industry.

Frances McDormand fights for inclusion in her Oscar speech.Frances McDormand fights for inclusion in her Oscar speech.Courtesy of Getty Images

As we can see the fight is far from over, but we are making progress. We are lite by this new hope that things will change. We as women simply have to believe in ourselves and follow our dreams, break barrios and continue to empower our sex. By showing the world what we can do, and coming out with our stories, knowing that we were meant to be heard. To be treated as equals in every aspect of life, in every way and in every shape. As Oprah said, “this year [women] became the story”, and we will continue to be the story, and the success, and the equally appreciated face of the world. It’s true what Oprah says, as we hope for a day that the male and female leaders are fighting hard to create a world where no one has to say, “me too” again. And we encourage every girl and woman to come out and tell her story, to reach for the sky and to never minimize herself or what she can do.

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