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LEGO The Incredibles Leaked By Advertisement

Mar 19, 2018

By: Max Cannon

Fans of the LEGO games may be excited to see that another movie-based title is planned for a release and we'll likely be playing it by the end of the year. Probably planned to coincide with the upcoming sequel, The Incredibles is getting the LEGO treatment, if a leaked ad is to be believed. 

An Incredible Leak

Over at "The Brick Fan," which is a site dedicated to everything LEGO, Allen "Tormentalous" Tran shared an article including an image of the upcoming LEGO The Incredibles. The article shows off the image, which you can see below, and found it on the back of an upcoming LEGO Toy set. Here's what Allen had to say in his article:

"The LEGO Juniors Incredibles 2 sets have started to show up early at Walmart and on the back of the instructions of the sets is a teaser for the LEGO The Incredibles Video Game. This confirms the rumor of the game coming out later this year."

The leaked ad that revealed LEGO The Incredibles.The leaked ad that revealed LEGO The Incredibles.Courtesy of The Brick Fan

The rumor mentioned by this article is based on a source over at ComicBook.com who wrote of an upcoming game based on The Incredibles 2 as Pixar's first foray into the LEGO games. Disney, the company that owns Pixar, has made plenty of LEGO games like LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, and much, much more so it was inevitable that a collaboration with Pixar would happen sometime.

Incredibles 2 Official Teaser Trailer

More LEGO Heroes

It looks like the LEGO love won't be ending there, that same rumor that predicted LEGO The Incredibles also predicted a game based on DC Super Villains. A game set in the world of DC isn't surprising at all especially considering how long the developer has been cranking out LEGO Batman games, something which undoubtedly helped lead to the creation of The LEGO Batman Movie. And with the DC's Cinematic Universe focusing on villain stories like Suicide Squad, it doesn't seem too surprising to have a game centered around an accompanying story.

TT Games is no stranger to merging LEGO and famous super heroes.TT Games is no stranger to merging LEGO and famous super heroes.Courtesy of TT Games

Another point of interest to me is the inclusion of the LEGO Games logo in the bottom right corner of the image. This may be a new piece of branding for these games, just a part of this specific advertisement, or it could be a rebranding of the developer TT Games who have been hard at work on the LEGO series for the past several years. Though we can only speculate on the meaning of this logo, it's likely to not be far away from an official announcement (and hopefully trailer) of the game.

Pixar's crime-fighting family is a perfect fit for the LEGO series.Pixar's crime-fighting family is a perfect fit for the LEGO series.Courtesy of Disney

When it comes to the release date for this LEGO The Incredibles game, I'd say that it'd be pretty reasonable to assume that it hits store shelves sometime around the June 15th, 2018 release of the film The Incredibles 2. If the ad is accurate, the game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. 

Have Your Say!

What do you think of a possible LEGO game centered around The Incredibles? Will you be seeing the movie or playing the game? Share your thoughts below!