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The Constant Battles with Mental Health

May 18, 2020

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness month, Dear Dish-It questions and concerns will revolve around those suffering from mental health issues. Mental health is a very serious matter which affects many. The topic needs our attention especially when kids and teens feel suicide is the only answer. These questions don’t justify the number of kids and teens who wrote in about mental health, but they touch on some important issues which we need to be better prepared to deal with.

Let’s Take a Look at This Week’s Questions:

Mental health affects a lot of peopleMental health affects a lot of people.

Question by Confused and depressed 

Question: I’ve been dancing since I was 4 at a studio. I love just performing at recitals and I got this high that made me feel good. But around middle school it was so hard for me to go. I would get into it however. In high school I auditioned for the dance team, a really really big commitment that I didn’t really want. My mom persuaded me to join though. I didn’t feel liked I belonged, but performing and getting second was amazing. I worked super hard the next summer, especially to get my splits(pulled my hamstring) and my depression got really bad(that’s when it was diagnosed). It was agonizing to go and stay for almost 5 hours. I still didn’t feel like I fit in and they were constantly saying really mean things(I don’t remember). I really didn’t feel good about myself and was so close to quitting. But I thought that it was only my depressionand stayed hoping that it would be so much better. It wasn’t. The team had so much drama that the coach couldn’t fix, I got a really bad knee injury, no splits, teammates still being mean and rude to me. People saying I didn’t work hard, treating me like a freshman even though I was a junior and on the team longer than most of them. I just was so depressed and broke down several times. I don’t know if it’s worth it staying for one more year?


Sounds like you are dealing with a lot and need to take care of yourself. A break might be just want you need especially if this is a negative experience for you. You were diagnosed with depression, which is very common, but also very serious. You’ve got to get your head in the right place and do whatever you can to get better before you start participating again. Spending time around things that make you feel good might be a good idea. Taking your doctor’s orders very seriously so that you can get better and actually enjoy an activity in the future.

Talking about the issue can be very freeing.Talking about the issue can be very freeing.

Question by conflicted

Question: I've been depressed since 4th grade. That’s when I started cutting myself. i don't even know how i knew what it was but it helped. i binge and purge and just want to die everyday. my mom says im just looking for attention and im not calling any hotline. i want to get help but my parents will not do it. i want to live to see another day.


I’m so sorry you are going through this. It must be extra hard not having your mom’s support, but you need to seek the support of someone. Talk to someone you can trust and who deals with these matters. Someone like a Guidance Cousellor would be a perfect place to start.Avoiding the issue is not a good idea, you need to face it head on. Someone will believe you and hopefully help you get the help you need and deserve. 

Depression is very common amongst teens.Depression is very common amongst teens.

Question by Freaked

Question: I’ve recently been confirmed to have teenage depression, I’ve been getting some help for it but I’m worried incase it doesn’t go away, how long should it take?


Depression can take a long time to cure, especially if you are trying to find the right medication. It all takes patience and your willingness to fight it. Usually there is a high waitlist to see these specialists,, Listen to the doctors and do what they say. The more you participate the easier it will be, but it won’t be easy. Sometimes you will just want to curl up into a ball. Depression is treatable, but hard to overcome. You simply have to hang in there until it gets easier on you. Manage your self-care and put that first. Nothing is more important than your health so take good care of yourself. 

Question by anonymous

Question: I can't do this anymore. I might kill myself later today or tomorrow. ok.


Suicide is never the answer no matter how big the crisis is. It is a cry for help, and help you should get. It’s not normal to be feeling this way. Sounds like you are in a lot of pain and just want it to go away. Have you tried talking to someone? Even just your parents. They will do what they can to help you, especially if they know this is the condition your in. You need to seek help right away and know that killing yourself is never the answer. There is always a better solution and I highly encourage you to find it. For one, count your blessings. Look at the pluses of hanging in their, and know that this would cause many people you care about a lot of pain. 

Sometimes our feelings can take over everything.Sometimes our feelings can take over everything.


Our mental concerns are just as important as our physical ones. Mental health should be treated with the same respect and care.

If you or someone you know is facing a crisis with mental illness you have to encourage them to get help, reach out and talk to somebodoy.

There are lots of people who will listen to you, just give them a chance. People do care they just need to know what is going on for you.

Be honest with adults about your situation. Tell them how you’ve been feeling. Get the help that you deserve. Do not give up on yourself or your life ever. Always fight to be here and fight through the pain, this will make you stronger.

Things will start to lighten up once you are in treatment. Remember it is nothing to be ashamed about it affects ¼-1/5 of people on a daily basis. This is a high ratio and means that mental health issues will be common. Pay attention to where your head is at and if its in the wrong place, ask for help. Below are a number of resources you can try if you don’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone you know in real life.

May is mental health month! May is mental health month!

Helplines & Resources: 

  • KidsHealth - A safe, private place for kids & teens who need honest, accurate information and advice about health, emotions, and life.
  • Teen Line - A helpline for kids and teens to work through their personal issues and mental health as needed.  1-800-TLC-TEEN or 1-800-852-8336 (Toll-Free US & Canada).
  • Mind Infoline – Information on self-harm and a helpline to call in the UK at 0300 123 3393 or text 86463.
  • Kids Help Phone – Free, anonymous and bilingual helpline for young people in Canada, available 24/7 by phone, Live Chat, and the Always There chat app for any issue, including self-injury and suicide. Call 1-800-668-6868 or visit
  • Kids Helpline – A helpline for kids and young adults in Australia to get help with issues including cutting and self-harm. Call 1800 55 1800. (Kids Helpline).

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