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Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct Recap

Jun 12, 2018

By: Max Cannon

It's time to see what could end up being the biggest game of the year, Super Smash Bros. Nintendo will undoubtedly show a lot of things to get excited about including a Fortnite related announcement but we all know that Smash is the real star of the show. Here's what they had to show!

Giant Robots and Giant Open-Worlds

Nintendo wasted no time and jumped right into a new trailer for Daemon X Machina, a fast-paced third-person shooter that looked like the game Vanquish but with even more giant robots, it's coming in 2019 to the Switch. Then we got a look at some additional content for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 titled Torna - The Golden Country,  this launches September 2018.

Daemon X Machina has a different look than your typical Nintendo title.Daemon X Machina has a different look than your typical Nintendo title.Courtesy of Nintendo

Super Mario Party

In addition to looking absolutely gorgeous for an entry in this series, Super Mario Party 's mini-games looked incredibly fun! It's releasing on October 5th, 2018. Here's the new trailer!

Super Mario Party - E3 2018 Trailer (NintendoSwitch)

Fire Emblem Three Houses

This new entry in the long-running Fire Emblem series plays like a tactical RPG on top of being a fully explorable open-world. Combat looks like a mix of Dynasty Warriors and Final Fantasy Tactics. It's coming in Spring of 2019.

Fire Emblem really embraces the anime art style.Fire Emblem really embraces the anime art style.Courtesy of Nintendo


The worst-kept secret in gaming is official. Fortnite is available on the Switch right now for free! No word on cross-play, yet, but we'll be diving it to play soon enough and see for ourselves!

Fortnite - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2018

Lots of Games

We saw a slew of releases announced back-to-back-to-back. Overcooked 2, a sequel to one of my favorite games I played last year, is coming on August 7th, the game Hollow Knight is available today, Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming sometime in 2018. They really did announce a lot of games at once in there!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to the Switch!Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to the Switch!Courtesy of ComicBook.com

Super Smash Bros for Switch

The next Super Smash Bros for Switch is officially titled as  Super Smash Bros Ultimate. People have been wondering which characters would appear in the game but Sakurai, the game's creator, announced that every fighter that has ever been in Smash will be here. There are new characters here too though, including Daisy (as a clone/echo fighter of Peach,) the Inklings from Splatoon, and the long joked about character Ridley from Metroid. Though it's not every single stage ever, there are a lot of returning stages to the game in addition to a bunch of new ones inspired by games like Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2.

Of course, if you're a purist then you can still use that good old Gamecube controller to play the game. The game launches December 7, 2018, so we'll be waiting until the holiday season to play the new game. If you only watch one of the E3 videos we've shared here, it'll probably be in your best interest to check this one out.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018 - Nintendo Switch

The Full Show

If you're looking to check out the entire direct, here's a link to comb through all of the announcements for yourself!

Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

Have Your Say!

And that's our last E3 show! What did you think of Nintendo's prescence? Share your thoughts below!