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What's Happening to Fortnite's Sky?

Jul 09, 2018

By: Max Cannon

Fortnite is speeding up the hype train toward the start of the game's 5th season next month, so if you're a purchaser of the game's Battle Pass you'd better hurry up and finish up those last few tiers. Here's what has been going on to prep players for the upcoming season.

The Big Bang

On June 30th, Epic Games hosted a live event in the game that they made very clear would only be happening once. Players put down their weapons -- well most of them -- and watched a missile launch from a silo and bounce around the map. The missile took to the sky, left some remains in Anarchy Acres, threatened to demolish Tilted Towers, and eventually collided with the center of the sky and left a massive crack looming over the map. While the event was brief and only happened that one time, the visual effects of the launch are still present in the game. 

The crack has grown larger as time has gone on.The crack has grown larger as time has gone on.Courtesy of Epic Games

That giant crack stretching across the sky has slowly gotten larger as time has gone on but there have been other points of interest popping up across the map. Little pockets of a blue energy have been slowly overtaking objects in the game world and completely removing them from Fortnite's map. Things like signs and cars have been absorbed by these little cracks in space and time but rather than just vanishing, some have been reappearing in our real world, check out the video below for a little more information.

Fortnite's Crack in Time - Kidzworld Weekly News

The End of a Season

Last season also brought some exciting events which concluded in a meteor taking out Dusty Depot and leaving us with Dusty Divot, a massive crater that left behind consumables that let players jump high and prevent fall damage. Building up to the season finale, smaller meteorites would fall from the sky and take out player created structures. So far, the events taking place at the end of this 4th season don't impact gameplay as much as season 3's did, but they do seem to be building up to an even bigger change in season 5, maybe we'll be getting a new map?

Season 5's tease from Fortnite's official Twitter account.Season 5's tease from Fortnite's official Twitter account.

Epic Games confirmed through a tweet that season 5 will kick-off on July 12th, so it seems like things won't be delayed and that date will be hit. But, what are we going to see in season 5? Well, the only obvious possibility is something involving time travel, the above image implies that maybe we'll see something from Ancient Japan? It's only a short few days of a wait ahead of us, but the next season can't get here soon enough. Let's hope we're getting a new map or at least another redesign like season 4 brought with it.

Have Your Say!

What do you think is going on in Fortnite? Are you hoping for a new map in season 5 or are you happy with the current island? Share your thoughts below!