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Spider-Man PS4's New Comic-Con Trailer

Jul 20, 2018

By: Max Cannon

Marvel's Spider-Man comes out in just 2 months and the wait just got a little easier thanks to a new trailer straight out of San Diego Comic-Con, the perfect place to show off a trailer for a famous super hero. This trailer doesn't just give us another look at Spider-Man's gameplay but rather we get a detailed look at the game's story including some interesting new characters that may wind up as the game's major villains. Also, fans of Spider-Man's original suit will be pleased by a few clips within this trailer!

Miles Morales has a part to play in Peter Parker's story.Miles Morales has a part to play in Peter Parker's story.Courtesy of PlayStation

A Look at Spider-Man's Storya

Insomniac Games have dabbled in story heavy games in the past, like the PlayStation 3's Resistance series, but Marvel's Spider-Man seems to be their biggest game yet in terms of story, among other things. Comic-Con's trailer showed off another look at the Kingpin, Miles Morales, Mary Jane, and, of course, Peter Parker. But the big twist of the trailer was the appearance of Norman Osborn. Mr. Osborn is the father of Peter's best friend, the head of the mega-corporation Oscorp, the mayor of New York City, and most notably, the supervillain Green Goblin. Though it may just be a trick of editing, Spider-Man enters a room without his mask as we hear audio of Norman Osborn greeting Peter Parker followed by our first look at him. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man – SDCC 2018 Story Trailer | PS4

That new trailer, which you can take a look at above, shows off another potential villain, the Silver Sable. According to the PlayStation Blog, Silver Sable was hired by Norman Osborn to keep peace in the city and that's going to include taking out Spider-Man. Silver Sable is a classic Marvel anti-hero and a mercenary that'll work for the highest bidder. Not everyone we see here is all bad, Mary Jane Watson gets herself into some mischief, and according to Insomniac Games she'll be a playable character, we see her hanging out with Miles Morales as well who is an alternate Spider-Man in a special run of comics titled Ultimate Spider-Man.

Norman Osborn may know Spider-Man's real identity.Norman Osborn may know Spider-Man's real identity.Courtesy of PlayStation

Another Costume

Further down in that PlayStation Blog post, Insomniac Games revealed the final costume that'll wind up in the hands of players who pre-order the game. The Velocity Suit will join the Spider-Punk costume and the Iron Spider costume based on Avengers: Infinity War. For those players that are waiting to pick up Spider-Man and won't be pre-ordering, PlayStation confirmed that you can earn the costumes in the game and pre-ordering will just unlock those costumes a little sooner. Each of these costumes will also give the player a unique strength but there haven't been any specifics announced yet. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Third Reveal Pre-order Video | PS4

The game has also confirmed that we'd see Noir Spider-Man and Peter Parker's homemade suit from Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. And for fans of the traditional Spider-Man suit, the Comic-Con trailer has you covered with a look at the classic costume which we'll be wearing at the start of the game, according to an interview with Insomniac Games by Game Informer.

Silver Sable will be pursuing Spider-Man in the upcoming game.Silver Sable will be pursuing Spider-Man in the upcoming game.Courtesy of PlayStation
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