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GameCube Styled Pro Controllers and New Nintendo Labo Tech

Jul 29, 2018

By: Max Cannon

If you're looking for an excuse to pick up some new accessories for your Switch then Nintendo has you covered! A new Labo Kit is hitting store shelves and those gamers that are nostalgic for the GameCube years have a new Pro Controller releasing just in time for Super Smash Bros Ultimate this holiday season. 

The Latest from Labo

Releasing on September 14th, the new Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit puts players behind the wheel of a car, submarine, and an airplane the catch with Labo is that you've assembled the steering wheel yourself! The upcoming Labo Kit includes new cardboard to throw together new creations called Toy-Con, which use the Labo material alongside the power of the Switch's Joy-Con. Once you've created one of the new vehicles, you'll throw in the special Key (that you've also made with Labo) to access the new games and activities. By switching pulling your Key out of one available slot and putting it into another you'll switch into another in-game vehicle. 

First Look at Nintendo Labo - Toy-Con 3: Vehicle Kit

Using the Toy-Con garage can also let players make use of the Switch to customize their creations even further, check out the video above for more details straight from Nintendo! When that September 14th date hits you can pick up the Switch for $69.99 in the US or $89.99 CAD but pre-orders are open now. Like the other Labo Kits, the purchase will also give you the necessary Nintendo Switch software to play with your Labo creations.

Making use of the physical cardboard and the digital software, Labo lets you construct your own steering wheel for in-game vehicles.Making use of the physical cardboard and the digital software, Labo lets you construct your own steering wheel for in-game vehicles.Courtesy of Nintendo

A Pro Controller for GameCube Fans

PDP, the biggest game accessory company in America, has teamed up with Nintendo to release a set of new Pro Controllers themed around Super Smash Bros Ultimate.  However, these don't look or feel like your standard Pro Controller, though they function mostly the same, these controllers are designed and shaped like the Nintendo GameCube controllers, which most professional Smash Bros players use in competition. If you love to keep your controllers wireless, then you're better just going with the traditional Pro Controller officially made by Nintendo, but PDP's Wired Smash Pad Pro will come with a 10 foot USB cable, if you're worried about a short cable length like the NES Classic Edition suffered from.

The second analog stick can be replaced with the classic C-stick.The second analog stick can be replaced with the classic C-stick.Courtesy of PDP

The controllers will come in a Mario Red, Breath of the Wild Blue, and Pikachu Yellow to really stick to that Smash Bros style. There's no official date for their release yet, but they're planned to launch "in time for the holiday season" according to PDP. Nothing official in terms of a pre-order date either other than in the upcoming months but we'll keep an eye open for the date and pricing when that information is available. If you've still got some GameCube controllers of your own kicking around, you can pick up Nintendo's adapter or one of their official Super Smash Bros Ultimate controllers for $29.99 USD.

PDP's lineup of Wired Smash Pad Pros.PDP's lineup of Wired Smash Pad Pros.Courtesy of PDP
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