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Go Vacation Nintendo Switch Game Review

Reviewed by on Aug 03, 2018
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Go Vacation made the jump from the Wii generation over to the Nintendo Switch. Check out Kidzworld to see how this port holds up!

By: Max Cannon

Go Vacation may be familiar to gamers playing around since the days of the Nintendo Wii, which helps to explain the dated graphics. This Wii Sports type game will fill that "sport-mini-game" shaped hole in your Nintendo Switch library but it certainly shows its age through both gameplay and visuals. 

The start screen shows off Kawawii Island.The start screen shows off Kawawii Island.Courtesy of Nintendo

Booking Your Trip

Kawawii Islands is home to 4 different resorts that offer different activities based on their locations in either the city, mountains, water, or snow. The collection of games on here towers over the offerings on the Wii original, with over 50 options to choose from. Visually, each area is distinct but the art style lacks that Nintendo charm and much of the game feels dark and grey. The dark, chilly feeling beach doesn't come across and warmly as you'd expect it to, but the bump to 1080p visuals definitely keeps things looking crystal clear. Though some of these options are much better made than others, most of the offerings here don't even come close to matching the heights of Wii Sports

GO VACATION - Overview Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

The Mii characters are also a comfy piece of nostalgia to return to. Though you also have the option of creating the avatars in-game, the Miis look much more appealing. More interestingly, you also have the option to bring along a dog character to follow you around in the small open environment. Disappointingly, my companion was told he couldn't go surfing with me which really shattered my heart. It would've been nice to see the customization feature a little more fleshed out, especially for those doing the single-player and looking for some progression rewards. There's an overarching guide to progression through the stamps but that doesn't really feel rewarding.  

The skydiving mini-game really feels like a Wii game.The skydiving mini-game really feels like a Wii game.Courtesy of Nintendo

Fun with Friends

The games themselves range from fun to tedious. While the controls feel fine, the challenges are never that engaging. For example, a jet ski race includes a jump, powerslide, and smooth turning/acceleration but the track and racers don't add much of a challenge to the game unless you're playing with friends. Playing with friends or family will encourage you to throw a wrench into the game and it'll make for a fun time but a lot of laughter may come from just how silly the game looks. Whether you're using the Joy-Con or playing with a controller, the controls of the game never feel like a hindrance even with motion controls. 

Though the locations are diverse, some of the game types wind up feeling similar.Though the locations are diverse, some of the game types wind up feeling similar.Courtesy of Nintendo

Final Thoughts

You really could have a great time with Go Vacation if you're playing with a really young gamer, family, or friends but things move slowly when you're alone. If you're desperate to replay some motion controlled sports from the Wii era you'll have a good time but Go Vacation can't escape the shadow of the Wii launch title.

River Race is boring when played alone but a fun time with friends.River Race is boring when played alone but a fun time with friends.Courtesy of Nintendo


  • Lots of Options
  • Fun Multiplayer


  • Dated Visuals
  • Poor Variety

Go Vacation Game Rating:3

Go Vacation Box ArtGo Vacation Box ArtCourtesy of Nintendo

Available for Nintendo Switch

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