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Cartoon Network's New Mega Man Show

Jul 31, 2018

By: Max Cannon

If you're a fan of retro gaming and cartoons then you'll want to take a look at Cartoon Network's new video game adaptation, "Mega Man: Fully Charged." The new series stars the blue bomber in his second TV series and we've got a look at some new footage released during San Diego Comic-Con that you can check out here! 

Mega Man: Fully Charged is a new take on Capcom's character.Mega Man: Fully Charged is a new take on Capcom's character.

A New Look for Mega Man

While there are several different versions of Capcom's classic mascot, "Mega Man: Fully Charged" is a mostly new take on the robotic hero. There's a bit of a retro vibe throughout, especially in the music, but you're not going to see much from Mega Man X, Mega Man Battle Network, or Mega Man Legends in this show. However, the new show does seem to be reusing some of the robot masters from the earliest games. The first episode features FireMan, a robot master that veteran players may recognize from the very first game which released way back in 1987! There are a few other returning characters including Dr. Light, who you can see in the new clip below!

Mega Man: Fully Charged | Mega Man, Here to Help!

In "Fully Charged," our hero goes by the name of Aki Light. Inside of Aki's head is a small robot named Mega Mini and when the two combine their powers Aki transforms into the titular Mega Man. In the games, Mega Man is considered the son of Dr. Light and considering they share last names in the show, it seems like Aki may be Dr. Light's son in "Fully Charged" too! The scene above also shows off some 8-bit animation that's sure to please fans of the source material. It's exciting to see Cartoon Network work on another video game adaptation, following the success of "Sonic Boom," but this isn't the first time Mega Man has starred in his own TV show.

The Robot Masters from the games are poised to return in the new show.The Robot Masters from the games are poised to return in the new show.

The 90's Cartoon

Back in 1994, Capcom tried their hand at giving Mega Man his own show simply titled "Mega Man." It had a handful of characters returning to that world as well including Roll, Rush, and the sinister Dr. Wily. One episode even introduced standard Mega Man to the Maverick Hunter named Mega Man X from the game series of the same name. It's a 90's cartoon in every way, down to the intro sequence that you can check out below. The show only made it to a second season before going off the air in December of 1995 in a time when video games were much less popular than today.

Mega Man Intro (1994)

With the extreme popularity of video games in 2018, now is a perfect time for a Mega Man. Check out "Mega Man: Fully Charged" when it airs on Cartoon Network on August 5th with a two-part episode.

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