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Sticking to Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4

Sep 13, 2018

By: Max Cannon

When I finished up Marvel's Spider-Man, I couldn't shake the game's small hiccups from my mind. Getting stuck within buildings, enemies getting trapped in the Earth, and how repetitive some of that side content got. But despite all of that, I'm still playing the game constantly and soaking in the absolutely gorgeous visuals of Spider-Man's New York City and I figure that most other gamers with a critical eye are overlooking those problems too.

Spider-Man's swinging sets it apart from any other game.Spider-Man's swinging sets it apart from any other game.Courtesy of PlayStation

What Keeps Me Coming Back

While we're currently going to have to wait to replay the game with all our upgrades, thanks to Insomniac Games planning their upcoming New Game Plus mode, the post-game in Spider-Man centers around swinging through the city and stopping random crimes. Most of these crimes wind up in the same way, beat down a bunch of bad guys. And while I'd initially felt like the combat got too easy by the end of the game, during my return play-sessions I've realized that it's perfect for choreographing your own Spider-Man fight scenes like you'd see in a movie, TV show, or comic book.

Spidey's Post-Game Content - Kidzworld Weekly News

Dive out of the sky from a web swing into a cluster of bad guys, launch one into the air, web him up and then swing from a web to kick him and stick him onto a wall. After subduing each of the criminals, you'll hear some distant police sirens, Spider-Man will offer up some sort of quip, and you'll take to the skies. Playing Marvel's Spider-Man feels like I'm playing out one of the childhood fantasies that I conjured up in my head from watching my favorite hero. It doesn't hurt that the game is absolutely gorgeous either, which leads us into the game's photo mode.

Taking a Snapshot

Photo mode isn't new to games, Horizon Zero DawnUncharted 4, and even Infamous: Second Son, have brought an in-game camera to a beautiful world. But what Spider-Man brings that sets it apart is a personality that reflects the entire Spider-Man franchise. Throwing your picture on a comic book page, as IGN did below, feels appropriate for our hero especially when you're in the game's cel-shaded vintage comic suit. Or dressing as Tom Holland's take on the wall-crawler from Spider-Man: Homecoming makes taking a selfie to feel right at home with the character. 

The filters keep photo mode interesting.The filters keep photo mode interesting.Courtesy of IGN

And, of course, I could talk endlessly about swinging the city because it is exactly as fun as it looks in the videos of the game but I would really encourage you to try it out for yourself. Those problems I'd pointed out in my review still exist everything else is so great that I'm able to look past it. Marvel's Spider-Man is a 4-star game that I love like a 5-star game and absolutely the most fun I've had this year by simply controlling a character.

Why would you want to play in any costume other than the Vintage Comic Book Suit?Why would you want to play in any costume other than the Vintage Comic Book Suit?Courtesy of GameSpot
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