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The Best Looking Games On Xbox One

Sep 26, 2018

By: Max Cannon

The Xbox One X is the strongest console you can buy and touts some of the prettiest games available. If you have a fancy pants 4K TV with HDR then the Xbox One X will give you the best colors and clearest image, so which games could best show off that power? Check out our list of the best looking games on the Xbox One.

3. Cuphead

Alright, so this isn't great looking in a traditional way. You're not going to get photorealistic visuals out of Cuphead but that doesn't make the game any less impressive to look at. The entire game was hand-crafted to emulate that classic animation style from the years of Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat. What really got this game on this list is the fact that you won't see visuals like this anywhere else. Studio MDHR put in years of work to sketch, animate, and color the world and characters with pen and paper. Though this article is about visuals, it's worth pointing out Cuphead's impressive music as well that was arranged by a giant orchestra and helps with the game's aesthetic.

There isn't another game out there that looks like Cuphead.There isn't another game out there that looks like Cuphead.Courtesy of Xbox

It also helps that the game is a blast to play, either alone or cooperatively, just be warned that you're in for a challenge. 

The Music of Cuphead: Recording Floral Fury

2. Halo 5

Halo has always been the big hitter on Xbox and Halo 5 was no different When the game first launched on the original Xbox One it looked great for its time but the visuals were cranked up to a 10 when the game got its Xbox One X patch. The game is still running at their buttery smooth 60 frames per second but now there's higher image quality than ever with a boost to 4K. Aside from the raw power the One X pumps out, Halo games often have some of the best art direction in the industry with great looking enemies, weapons, and vistas. 

Halo 5 on the Xbox One X brings a crystal clear image on 4K screens.Halo 5 on the Xbox One X brings a crystal clear image on 4K screens.Courtesy of Eurogamer

1. Forza Horizon 4

Though the game has barely hit the Xbox Marketplace, Forza Horizon 4 isn't just the best racing game around but also the best looking game on the Xbox One X. When you're driving in the rain, drifting through the dirt, or braking over a frozen lake, Forza Horizon 4 delivers the best visuals around. Xbox One X players have the option to switch between a mode focused on resolution or frame rate, personally, I preferred that 4K resolution. The game's art direction and recreation of cars will impress driving fans and even surprised me with a gorgeous rendition of my Volvo 242 Turbo from my high school years. Stepping behind the driver's seat of that car earned it the top spot on our list but the environments and animations could've gotten it there too.

Forza's cars stand up either when still or in motion.Forza's cars stand up either when still or in motion.Courtesy of Xbox
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Which Xbox games look best to you? What do you think of our list? Share your thoughts below on your favorite looking games!