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Is This New Harry Potter Game Trailer Real?

Could a big budget game set in the wizarding world be around the corner?

Oct 02, 2018

By: Max Cannon

While fans of Harry Potter's world are looking forward to the sequel to 2016's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there seems to be something else related to J.K. Rowling's wizarding world on the horizon courtesy of a game developer likely under the Warner Bros. umbrella. Details are scarce, but a recently leaked trailer seems to suggest a big-budget Harry Potter game could be released soon.

Gamers have been hungry for a new Harry Potter game for awhile.Gamers have been hungry for a new Harry Potter game for awhile.Courtesy of Warner Bros.

An RPG in the Wizarding World

The leak came from a Reddit user who claims to have used the character creator to design their own wizard before recording some off-screen video of the new game. While there's no sign of a title anywhere, the world is definitely set in Hogwarts (the wizarding school that Harry Potter attends) and there are plenty of spells cast around throughout the trailer, if you needed any more evidence then listen to the music which seems pulled straight from the Warner Bros. film franchise. Check out the trailer for yourself!

Leaked Harry Potter Game Trailer

That aforementioned character creator is briefly shown off and we also got a quick look at some creatures that seem to be goblins. It's hard to pick out the finer details considering how the video was recorded, but you can definitely notice the great lighting and detailed character models to suggest that this is going to be a big budget game -- though I wouldn't expect any less from something Harry Potter related. Also, Warner Bros pulled down the original posting of the video which seems to give some credibility to this posting.

An in-game creature briefly shown during the leaked trailer.An in-game creature briefly shown during the leaked trailer.

A Detailed Description

That's not the only bit of information given to us by that anonymous Redditor, we also got a description potentially given to the poster by Warner Bros. Here's what they shared:

 "Set in the 19th Century (1800's) Wizarding World, this 3rd person open-world action RPG game centers around your character with unique abilities who has eared a late acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are a newly arrived 5th year student to Hogwarts that demonstrates a latent gift for magic with a unique ability to track and identify remnants of a pottant ancient power.

Upon arrival, strange events begin to materialize In the Forbidden Forrest and trouble begins o brew within the castle walls. Together with Professor Elezar Fig, you embark on a journey through both familiar and never before seen locations to bring to light the truth behind these mysterious occurrences.

On your quest you will craft potions, master new spells, and discover fantastical beasts. You will battle Dark Wizards, Goblins, and other supernatural enemies and uncover the truth about your destiny - the Fate of the Wizarding World lies in your hands.

FEATURES - Journey to Hogwarts to become one of 8 different Wizard types -Experience Hogwarts, make new friends, uncover new secrets, and change the fate of the Wizarding world. -Experience a new magic system that creates countless possibilities to master magic. -Freely explore the Wizarding World for the first time., Choose your house and friends at Hogwarts, and decide to pursue a path of good or evil. -Create your own witch or wizard, and experience a all new story separate from the books or films"

A quick look shows off the game's character creator.A quick look shows off the game's character creator.

There aren't any official details yet, like a name or release date, I'd imagine we may hear something soon either from Warner Bros themselves or at an event like The Game Awards. 

Let us know what you think!

What do you think of this leak? What would you hope to see from a Harry Potter game? Share your thoughts below!