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The Truth About Honesty

Oct 04, 2018

The truth about honesty is a tricky business because as much as we are always encouraged to be honest, sometimes people can’t handle the truth. The honest truth can be a hard thing for people to bear, and they could get their feelings hurt. On the other hand, different people have different beliefs and values, which change the truth for them. Often people have different perspectives on certain realities. Our points of view are bound to clash because some people are not taught the truth.

Honesty is the best policy.Honesty is the best policy.

What’s an Example of This?

In the current movie Smallfoot, the yetis are encouraged to listen to the stones for knowledge and answers. They are told to push questions down, and to never doubt the words of the stones. One character, Migo, challenges the stones and is banished from the community until he realizes that there is no such thing as a “small foot.” He is encouraged to believe this because that’s what the stones say. Still, even the Stonekeepers daughter, Meechee, has questions about the stones. Another example of the stones not being true is Migo’s father, the gong hitter, which sets the sun each morning so that the “light snail” can pass over the sky. Even he realizes that after missing the gong with his head that the sun still raised. Once again the stones have proved to be questionable. There is even a stone that says, “Ignorance is bliss.” However, what this film shows us is that ignorance is anything but bliss as it’s important to acknowledge that there are other social realities and knowledge that go beyond the telling of the stones. Our pre-conceived notions about people prevent us from getting to know them. In the end, the yetis and the humans join sides as the humans realize that the yetis are good, harmless creatures. Initially they are sought after by the police, which shows that humans were taught that these creatures are dangerous.

Migo challenged the Stonekeeper with his discovery.Migo challenged the Stonekeeper with his discovery.Courtesy of Warner Bros.

What Does This Teach Us?

Smallfoot teaches us it is healthy to question the truth, or the truth we have been brought up with. You should never push your questions down, or feel like ignorance is bliss. They often say that the truth will set you free.

Discovering the truth can be quite shocking.Discovering the truth can be quite shocking.Courtesy of Warner Bros.

When is it Good to be Honest?

It’s good to be honest and open about your feelings. You should express yourself. Talk freely about what’s going on for you. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the people involved, or the people in your life, you can always write into Dear Dish-It. This is a good safe outlet for kids and teens to share their feelings and their honestly. If you are really scared, you can always write in as “anonymous.” Regardless, however you go about it, it is good to be honest about your situation.

With honesty, comes respect, ethics and integrity.With honesty, comes respect, ethics and integrity.

When is it Not Good to be Honest?

It is not good to be honest when you are hurting another person through your words—it is not good to be honest in these situations. Here, I would use wise mind to help you find the right words and project the best version of yourself forward. We don’t want to be attacking people by the way that they look, their sexual preference, their social standing or their race. We want to save our honesty for when it is the most effective. Remember it is one thing to be honest, and it is an entirely different thing to be hurtful.

Some people can't handle the truth.Some people can't handle the truth.

As they say, “honesty is the best policy.” There is nothing wrong with being perfectly honest, as long as you aren’t hurtful. Being honest with yourself is the first battle, and this will help you become honest with others. Often, people appreciate the truth and look for honest qualities in a person. It’s good to know how you feel and think, and there is nothing wrong with sharing it!

Always tell the truth and be honest. Always tell the truth and be honest.

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