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Teen Titans GO! to the Movies Blu-ray Review | Superhero Films Rule!

Madcap ideas and catchy tunes save the world!

Reviewed by on Oct 29, 2018
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the Blu-ray for Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. Tuneful extras, mini-movie and more!

By: Lynn Barker

In Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, Robin (voice of Scott Menville) is sure that if he and the Titans can star in their own superhero movie, they will at last be famous and respected. Robin vows to get Hollywood director Jade Wilson (Kristen Bell) to notice his hero group. He finally realizes that having a great villain to defeat will greenlight the Titans’ film. Villain Slade (voice of Will Arnett) fits the bill but will messing with him not only kill the Titans’ chances at fame but destroy the world?

"Red Carpet Mayhem" Clip

Titans in battle modeTitans in battle modeCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Jump City Boo Boo

The Teen Titans: Robin, Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), Cyborg (Khary Payton), Raven (Tara Strong), Starfire (Hynden Walch) arrive in Jump City when the big, pink inflated destroyer Balloon Man attacks, stealing everything of value in sight. When he doesn’t know who they are, the Titans break into their theme song to introduce themselves and are so wrapped up in performing that it takes the Justice League to defeat Balloon Man. The famous heroes dis the Titans for being childish and silly and say they will never be taken seriously because they don’t star in their own superhero movie.

Titans vs. Balloon ManTitans vs. Balloon ManCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Premiere and Realization

After having a tough time getting into the premiere of the latest Batman film Batman….Again, Raven sends the lame Challengers of the Unknown to another dimension and Robin looks like an ass by assuming that there will be a movie about him and garnering audience laughter. The team realizes that they need a mega-villain to fight in order to have their own movie.

At the premiereAt the premiereCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Enter Slade and Jade

Villain Slade breaks into nearly S.T.A.R. Labs to steal a crystal as part of his world-domination plan. The Titans arrive and attempt to stop him, but he easily defeats and insults them. The next day, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg and Raven shoot a movie to cheer Robin but he turns it off and announces that they will go to Hollywood to have a movie made about them. They pitch their movie idea to director Jade Wilson, who is responsible for all the superhero movies being made but she says that the only way she would make one about them is if they were the only superheroes in the world.

Jade explains that the Titans don't rate their own movieJade explains that the Titans don't rate their own movieCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Time Travel and Slade Battle

The Titans decide that if they travel back in time they could interfere with the origins of the other, more popular superheroes. They do so but then go “back to the future” to find it messed up forcing another trip to the past to undo their mistakes. Whew! As part of his plan Slade goes to Wayne Tech to power up his crystal and the Titans actually fight him, getting the crystal but Slade escapes deciding he needs to make sure Robin is separated from his teammates. The fight insures that Jade will make a movie about the Titans but she decides it should just be about Robin. He’s thrilled, the others are disappointed but wish him luck.

Robin predicts Hollywood success for the TitansRobin predicts Hollywood success for the TitansCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Robin’s Movie

Robin finishes making the movie, but is injured by the prop version of the Titan Tower door panel when a light falls and decks him. When he wakes up he is in the real tower and has to face a secretly disguised Slade who reveals his plan; making so many superhero movies has kept the heroes busy while he has built a Doomsday device to take over the world.

Slade attacks!Slade attacks!Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment


Will Robin escape an exploding Titan Tower? Will the other Titans reunite with him? Will Slades’ plan destroy everyone and will the other superheroes ever accept the Teen Titans as equals?

Stay seated for a mid-credits scene in which the Teen Titans from the 2003-2006 TV series show up telling the viewers that they "found a way back."

Special Extra Features

Kidzworld received a cute and yummy box of “Titans” cookies! 

We got Teen Titans cookies!We got Teen Titans cookies!Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Extras are all cute. Many are musical sing-alongs and a live action extra in which costumed humans break into and run around the Warner Brothers studio lot in Burbank, Ca. is a hoot.

  • Lil Yachty Music Video is the “Teen Titans GO!” rap and it introduces the Titans and their powers. Fun!
  • Sing-Along with Silkie gives us “Inspirational Song” and “My Superhero Movie” featuring the titans and Robin. More fun tunes and creative lyrics.
  • Red Carpet Mayhem is basically a trailer for the film in which Robin hogs the glory. It introduces the story.
  • DC Super Hero Girls: The Late Batsby is a short mini-movie in which Wonder Woman phones Bat Girl to help fight Mr. Freeze. She decides to do it all alone. Cute.
  • Teen Titans GO! to the Movies: WB Lot Shenanigans is the live action extra featuring people dressed as the cartoon characters invading the Warner Brothers lot, checking out costume and prop displays and interacting with tourists before getting kicked out. Silly fun.
  • “Everything is Fake”: Exclusive Song not in the Movie is a short but creative song done in storyboard form, touting the fact that almost everything you see on a movie set is fake.
  • Teen Titans GO!: Translated offers several short lines from the Titans translated into a lot of different languages. Interesting.
  • Storyboard Animatics – presents two key scenes, in storyboard form compared with the final outcome. They are “Time Cycles” and “The Final Battle”.

The Titans are finally victorious!The Titans are finally victorious!Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Wrapping Up

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies contains nice themes of friendship and teamwork all while you are entertained with catchy tunes with fun lyrics. Like the successful LEGO Batman Movie, “Titans” boasts lots of movie “in” jokes with Meta mentions galore. Notice the surprise celeb cameo voices (Nick Cage finally gets to play Superman by voicing him here).

Superman and Justice League membersSuperman and Justice League membersCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Younger kids might laugh at the fart jokes but teens and adults can chuckle at tons of pop culture references. The movie makes fun of the failures of the DC Universe while still paying homage to some of the key characters.

Arrival at Warner Bros. StudiosArrival at Warner Bros. StudiosCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

This Blu-ray/DVD/Digital set offers short but entertaining extras but could have benefitted from an audio commentary by actors or filmmakers and it would have been nice to see some of the actors recording their lines. We can go four stars on this home entertainment set, especially for Teen Titan fans.

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies Blu-ray Rating: 4

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies Blu-ray Cover ArtCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

You can buy Teen Titans GO! to the Movies starting Tuesday, October 30th

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