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What We Want From a New Nintendo Switch

How can Nintendo improve on their best hardware ever?

Jan 15, 2019

By: Max Cannon

I love the Nintendo Switch. It's an awesome console that really put Nintendo back into the spotlight. But last year we heard a rumor from the Japanese branch of The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo was in the process of planning a 2019 release of an upgraded model of the Switch. So, while we love the Switch as it is, there are a handful of meaningful changes that could be made to the console.

3. Wireless Problems

There are a couple of wireless issues with the Switch that would really need updating. First off is a small nitpick, but it'd be awesome to support Bluetooth on the console so I could pop in some wireless headphones while playing. It's not too much of a deal when playing while the console in docked but it would be a game changer to the system's portable mode. But the other wireless problem is something that Nintendo really needs to fix. 

Though you can buy third party Bluetooth adapters for the Switch, it'd be better if it was a baked-in feature.Though you can buy third party Bluetooth adapters for the Switch, it'd be better if it was a baked-in feature.Courtesy of Kickstarter

The WiFi on the system really needs a serious update. At my own home, we were fortunate enough to get a faster internet speed that really boosted my experience on both PlayStation and Xbox but my Nintendo Switch still lags behind. Nintendo often suggests picking up their ethernet adapter -- which we'll get to next -- but a portable console should be able to handle things through WiFi alone. I'd be willing to bet money on a WiFi improvement, especially if the Switch upgrade is real.

First Look at Nintendo Switch

2. Port Problems

So that ethernet adapter that I mentioned above is another real problem for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to play on the Nintendo Switch through a wired connection then you shouldn't need to purchase another piece of equipment that should easily be built into the dock itself. Much like the WiFI, I'd be sure that this is all but guaranteed for a new Switch. But that's not the only port problem that the Switch could fix. 

The ethernet port would likely be built into an upgraded Switch.The ethernet port would likely be built into an upgraded Switch.Courtesy of Nintendo

The charging port being at the bottom of the Switch makes a lot of sense, it clicks into the dock at the bottom so where else would it go? Well, it does cause one issue that I've run into countless times. If I'm playing my Switch in Tabletop Mode but I need to charge my system then I'm in a bit of a bind. Normally I end up stacking my Switch up on some books, propping it on the kickstand and then plugging it in. I'm far from a designer so I can't even comprehend my own solution, but adding a second charging port on the machine -- if possible -- would really improve my Tabletop charing experience.

Good luck charging your console while playing with the kickstand.Good luck charging your console while playing with the kickstand.Courtesy of Nintendo

1. Higher Resolution on TV

I spend most of my time on my Switch in portable mode but I'd really like to use it on my TV more often. While I'm fortunate enough to play on a 4K TV, my Nintendo Switch doesn't look great on it. The console outputs a 1080p image that is stretched to fit a 4K screen which results in things looking noticeably blurry in games and even on the Switch's main menu. This would take a bit of a boost to the Switch but it's not out of the ordinary for the gaming industry. The PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X touted their ability to output 4K images so it'd be fantastic to see Nintendo get on their level as well. I can guarantee that it would encourage me to play my Switch even more.

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