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Super Mario Maker 2 and Zelda: Link's Awakening Trailers

A pair of highly desired games are coming to the Switch later this year.

Feb 14, 2019

By: Max Cannon

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct brought a handful of games and demos that you could download right away, but those weren't the biggest announcements of the show. Games from Nintendo's biggest franchises, Mario and Zelda, are coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, and we have some sizable trailers that show off some impressive looking gameplay from both games.

Super Mario Maker 2 Looks Bigger and Better

Super Mario Maker was a highlight of the controversial Wii U era of gaming at Nintendo. A game that lets you create and share your own Mario levels was bound to be a hit. Unfortunately, the Wii U wasn't a massively popular machine and the 3DS version of the game made it difficult to play levels created by others. So it was an exciting start to the Nintendo Direct when things kicked off with a surprising look at Super Mario Maker 2 in action. Many of us merely expected the Wii U version of the game to simply be ported over to the Nintendo Switch, so it's absolutely awesome to see that Nintendo focused their efforts into making a full-blown sequel with even more to offer. 

Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Switch

There is an overwhelming amount of things to see in the game's trailer, which you can check out above. New enemies, new camera movement, an improved 3D Mario art style, and those sweet, sweet, Nintendo Switch level visuals. This is immediately one of the most desirable Switch games on the horizon, especially with that satisfying bit of news that the game is coming out this June! That means we'll likely see more information about the game leading up to, or during, Nintendo's E3 2019 show which will also take place in June. 

Expect a lot of new content in Super Mario Maker 2 when it releases this June.Expect a lot of new content in Super Mario Maker 2 when it releases this June.Courtesy of Nintendo

A Game Boy Classic is Modernized 

Things started off explosively with that Super Mario Maker 2 trailer and ended in an even bigger way with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The trailer began with an anime-esque opening featuring Link piloting a tiny raft in the middle of a nasty storm. Lightning cracks in the sky and we see Link floating toward a peaceful looking island in the distance. Though this may appear as a brand new Zelda adventure, older games may remember that Link's Awakening originally released way back in the day on the original Game Boy and later as Link's Awakening DX for the Game Boy Color. 

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

What really stands out here is the game's cute little claymation-like art style while in actual gameplay. This is a top-down Zelda, mostly referred to as a 2D Zelda game, so it'll play less like Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild and more like A Link Between Worlds or A Link to the Past. Take a look at the above trailer and watch the game in action for yourself. No specifics, but the game is currently planned to release sometime in 2019. We'll be eagerly awaiting it.

Between the anime opening and the world's unique art style, Link's Awakenig could be a great remake of a true classic.Between the anime opening and the world's unique art style, Link's Awakenig could be a great remake of a true classic.Courtesy of Nintendo
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