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Why Do Gamers Love E3?

A look at the biggest event in video gaming.

May 06, 2019

By: Max Cannon

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual highlight for video game fans, a wave of game footage, release dates, and reveals hits the internet courtesty of the major companies behind our favorite creations. But what exactly is the event and why is E3 so special when compared to the other conferences and conventions? But, with trailers and new game announcements hitting the internet every week, what makes E3 such a beloved part of gaming culture? 

The LA Convention Center has been the home of E3 for years.The LA Convention Center has been the home of E3 for years.

The Big Boys

While a quick scroll through social media may bombard you with ads for mobile games or indie titles, E3 is an event focused on the biggest companies and therefore some of the most massive games. While some smaller games may sneak onto a giant stage show, the real meat-and-potatoes of E3 are the big budget creations with those recognizable titles. With so many eyes on E3, it's a great chance for these giant publishers to do whatever they can to leave an impact and get you pre-ordering.  Reveals for games like ZeldaHalo, and Uncharted are perfect for the E3 spotlight because they show some impressive technical achievements that are sure to stand out. That's what attracts these big-names like Xbox and Nintendo, and what made PlayStation's decision to sit out E3 for the first time ever so surprising and disappointing.

Xbox will likely bring their biggest show yet in 2019.Xbox will likely bring their biggest show yet in 2019.Courtesy of Xbox

And these companies won't just dazzle you with the quality of their games but also with the quality of their stage shows. For example, PlayStation impressed everyone way back in 2016 by presenting new game footage while a live orchestra performed the in-game music and Xbox's stage -- which you can see above -- looks expensive just through an image. Knowing that these corporations pull out all their tricks to get your attention guarantees that you'll see something memorable every year.

God of War's music performed by a live orchestra immediately became an all-time E3 highlight.God of War's music performed by a live orchestra immediately became an all-time E3 highlight.

Something for Everyone

With all of these tech giants competing for our attention, you're going to see A LOT of games at E3. So if you're unimpressed with one reveal then there's a good chance something later in the day is sure to catch your eye. If you're not a fan of Xbox's lineup of games, then maybe you'll see something awesome from Nintendo, or PlayStation, or EA, or Square-Enix, or Ubisoft! If you're a lover of games then you'll almost certainly find something to love at an E3 show. E3 also brings a handful of freebies to those of us unable to actually attend the show. You'll often see special updates for games you already own and hopefully a beta which will give us the chance to try out a game we'd just seen at E3. And best of all, those games that release just as they're announced like Unravel 2 during last year's EA show or Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch.

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This year's E3 kicks off with press conferences from Microsoft and Bethesda on Sunday June 9th, keep an eye on Kidzworld for recaps from the major stage shows.

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