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Splitgate: Arena Warfare is Halo with Portals

And I can’t wait to play more

May 06, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

Halo + Portal = Splitgate

New competitive shooter Splitgate: Arena Warfare started an open beta last week and it is an absolute treat. Inspired by the Halo series, Splitgate twists the gameplay by allowing the player to use portals that function basically the same as the game Portal. The rule is, when you shoot one colored portal at a wall and a different colored one at another, you can then walk in between the two points instantly. This opens up a crazy amount of imaginative possibilities in which to combine the portals and weapons for a game that even though it feels familiar, is lifted into something totally new. The original Portal and its sequel Portal 2 are puzzle games, mostly about using your thinking cap more than traditional weapons, but using the same feature in a totally different setting (like a faced paced shooter) works almost just as well if not better. Even though I have only spent a couple of hours with the game, I had an absolute blast darting around the map with portals and blasting enemies with familiar feeling weapons.

Maps are bursting with bright colors and neon lightsMaps are bursting with bright colors and neon lights

Setting Itself Apart

The team behind the making of the game are all huge fans of Halo, and while they wanted to feel similar, it has a few elements that keep it from feeling like an exact copy. Of course, the portals’ addition changes the game greatly, but the bright neon inspired look to the graphics help separate it from being just a Halo copycat. All players are also given a jetpack to zip around the levels with. The weapons, armor designs, and basic feel of the gameplay are the biggest aspects that feel Halo, but the new elements make sure there are reasons to keep playing Splitgate instead. Another thing Splitgate has that Halo does not is the ability to play multiplayer matches online with computer-controlled bots. That way if you just want to practice against enemies that are less difficult you can. Also, you can change things like movement speed, weapon damage and other factors to create your own fun and unique game modes. The AI usually feels just as real as playing against real people, I hope more multiplayer games put modes like this in their games.

My character looking at himself through a portalMy character looking at himself through a portal

Customizing Your Character’s Armor

You are able to fully customize the look of the armor your character wears, just like the Halo series. There are only a few different colors to choose from in the open beta, so hopefully, the final version will have more choices to pick from. Helmets, chest pieces, arms and leg armor and the color of your jetpack and portal gun can all be changed to your liking. Mixing and maxing different pieces of armor in Halo Reach and Halo 5: Guardians was half the fun, so hopefully, Splitgate also allows for some old fashioned armor collecting. Weapons also have several different skins to choose from, ranging from metallic silver to an awesome spray painted look. The beta version lets you pick all the options from the start, but do not be surprised if the final game makes you unlock them one by one.

Splitgate’s armor customization screenSplitgate’s armor customization screen

If battle royale games like Fortnite aren’t your cup of tea, but you still want some thrilling multiplayer action that is smaller and easier to get to, I think Arena Warfare is a great pick especially since it plans to be completely free to play. It is a new series that was designed to be able to be picked up and understood quickly. No complicated building mechanics to worry about, just the small pool of weapons and portal possibilities that keep every match feeling just as fun as the last.

Match points can be seen on the map itself, on neon scoreboards complete with timers, and what a view!Match points can be seen on the map itself, on neon scoreboards complete with timers, and what a view!
Tell Us What You Think
I am very excited to play more Splitgate: Arena Warfare, but I wonder what other awesome games could be made from combining two different ones together. What two games would you morph together? Let us know below!