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What Will Microsoft Bring to E3 2019?

The best chance Microsoft has ever had to steal the show.

May 27, 2019

By: Max Cannon

It's every gamers favorite time of year, E3. While there is normally some fierce competition between Sony and Microsoft for the best press event, things seem to be in Xbox's favor with the PlayStation team sitting out this year's show. Anything and everything could appear during Microsof't confernece, but here are some of the things we think will wind up making a big splash.

Could we see the long-rumored Fable reboot at Microsoft's E3 show?Could we see the long-rumored Fable reboot at Microsoft's E3 show?

Halo Infinite

This one isn't much of a surpsise to anyone that's been paying attention to MicrosoftHalo Infinite will certainly give us a deeper look at the next game in Xbox's crown jewel. Following the disappointment that was Halo 5: Guardians, it'll be a monumental task for developer 343i to win back some faith in the franchise. I'd expect a meaty look at some actual gameplay with a sizable demo that hopefully shows off some big steps forward in the look and feel of Halo.

Halo Infinite is already confirmed to be showing up at E3 2019.Halo Infinite is already confirmed to be showing up at E3 2019.

Xbox Game Studios

During last year's E3 show, Microsoft announced that they'd acquired a handful of new studios to make some exclusive games under the "Xbox Game Studios" branding. While the deals were just inked about a year ago, and game developement can take years and years, it's reasonable to expect to see a little something from some of these teams. Whether it's Ninja Theory's next hack-and-slash or a developers take on the long-rumored Fable reboot, we'll certianly see something from some of them.

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A Peek at the Next Xbox(es)

Everyone is anxiously waiting the first big info dump on the next generation of consoles and Xbox is perfectly poised to take the first major steps. While we've gotten a bit of news right from Sony, Xbox has the chance to put the follow-up to the Xbox One front and center. There have been plenty of indicators that we'd be hearing about 2 new Xbox machines, one of them a traditional machine and the other made for streaming. We may get a small glimpse of the future of Xbox or a full-on reveal but it's a safe bet that we'll see something about these new systems.

Phil Spencer referenced new Xbox(es) at the end of last year's show.Phil Spencer referenced new Xbox(es) at the end of last year's show.

Third-Party Studio Centerpieces

While the biggest third-party announcements were formally split between PlayStation, Xbox, and the third-party press events, it's fair to say that Xbox will absord much of Sony's share of announcements. And with a potential console reveal, this would be the first time we'd see some impressive next generation video games. Rocksteady's next game since Batman: Arkham Knight, the next Call of Duty game, or even another grand look at Cyberpunk 2077. This is the strongest stage to show off these long-gestating multi-platform releases.

Could we see a deeper look at Minecraft Earth?Could we see a deeper look at Minecraft Earth?

Microsoft has the greatest potential of any company this year, this is the year that they can't afford to mess things up. Give us a reason to turn the tables and bring Xbox ahead of PlayStation. We'll see how things really go when their show starts Sunday June 9th, 1:00 PST. 

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