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Everything Announced at the Pokémon Press Conference

Even more ways to be the very best coming soon.

May 29, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

A bunch of new exciting details about everyone’s favorite pocket monsters were revealed yesterday during a live stream by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Games, movies, apps and more are on the way so buckle up Trainers we have a lot to unpack!

2019 Pokémon Press Conference Video


Detective Pikachu 2 on Nintendo Switch

A sequel to the 3DS video game that inspired the movie is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The story is going to be a bit different than the movie, so it should be a totally fresh experience and a great way to get more Detective Pikachu fun after leaving the theater. No release date was revealed though, but we will keep you up to date on all things Detective Pikachu here on Kidzworld.

Detective Pikachu is investigating his way onto Nintendo SwitchDetective Pikachu is investigating his way onto Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Centers

For trainers in Asia, there are two new stores dedicated to all things Pokémon opening in Singapore and Tokyo, Japan. They promise not just to be stores but also a fun place to hang out and talk and play Pokémon. The stores look like something from the future and should be quite the destination for dedicated fans.

The stores look like they're from the futureThe stores look like they're from the future

Pokémon Quest China

The free to play Switch game Pokémon Quest is getting an upgraded version in China that includes player vs. player gameplay. Hopefully, Chinese Pokémon trainers enjoy this new version and eventually makes its way over to the rest of the world.

Hopefully this upgraded version makes it overseas at some pointHopefully this upgraded version makes it overseas at some point

Pokémon Home

Labeled as “a place where all Pokémon gather,” Pokémon Home lets you store and trade your captured Pokémon in the cloud across the games on 3DS, Pokémon GO, and the Let’s Go games as well as the upcoming Sword and Shield. The ability to, for example, bring all the Pokémon I have caught in Let’s Go: Eevee and transfer them into the new games is a wonderful idea. No matter what game you are playing, your progress can now be applied to more than one system, making the journey of “catching them all” much easier than before. The service will release in the early part of 2020.

Share your Pokémon across multiple gamesShare your Pokémon across multiple games

New Details on Sword and Shield Coming June 5th

Stay tuned on Wednesday, June 5th, for some new exciting details on the next two big games, Pokémon Sword and Shield. We’ll have all the info you need here!

Check out Kidzworld on June 6th for all the Direct info!Check out Kidzworld on June 6th for all the Direct info!

Pokémon… Sleep?

Pokémon GO opened up the door for many who usually would not play games to enjoy the world of Pokémon. When the simple act of walking is mostly all you need to play, it is no wonder that the game was immensely popular. Wandering around with your friends and catching was a blast, and now you can do it while sleeping too? Pokémon Sleep's gameplay is directly affected by how long you spend sleeping. The idea is that it gives fans something fun to wake up to in the morning. It is an interesting concept, but it is unclear what the gameplay actually is. This will also release in 2020.

It isn't quite clear how the sleep functionality will workIt isn't quite clear how the sleep functionality will work

Pokémon GO Plus+

This new Pokéball device combines the features of both standard Pokémon GO and the sleep tracking technology of Sleep. You can track the locations of Pokéstops in GO with the LED light, and encouraging positive sleep habits have effects on gameplay.

This Summer would be a great time to get back into GOThis Summer would be a great time to get back into GO

Pokémon Masters for Mobile Phones

Pokémon Masters bring back all the iconic trainers and their Pokémon partners from the main games for 3 vs. 3 battles on mobile. For those itching for a more traditional gameplay experience on your phone, this might just be the game for you. Luckily, this one launches this year in 2019. More details will be shown off next month, likely during E3!

This game features many fan favorite charactersThis game features many fan favorite characters

There was a tease for a few other projects coming in the future, but nothing was confirmed just yet. We’ll have more info for you as it releases, and for now, we have the Sword and Shield Direct to look forward to next week for another look at those games coming this year.

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