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10 Awesome Indie Games Shown off at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase

Over 60 indie games were shown off, here are our favorites.

Jun 13, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

The Indie game scene right now is chock full of unique and interesting ideas just waiting to be explored, and these ten games are no different. Over 60 fully indie games were shown off during a showcase put on by the internet video company Kinda Funny, who wanted to show off some lesser known games that deserve the spotlight along with the big guys during E3 2019. 

10) Deliver Us The Moon

The first of a couple games to feature a space-faring explorer making his way through the cosmos, Deliver Us The Moon is about a lone astronaut who is tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to the Moon’s colony and eventually saving the world. All he has to survive in the emptiness of space is what little equipment he has as well as his wits. There are environmental puzzles to solve along the way, in addition to merely surviving outer space and The Moon with only his robot companion to guide him on the journey. The game looks like zero gravity thrill ride that you won’t want to miss.

Deliver Us The Moon - Fortuna Trailer


9) SkateBIRD

SkateBIRD is what happens when you take Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and make the character you play as a bird. That is basically it, but it works and looks like a ton of fun. Perform tricks, beat high scores, and shred the half pipe all set to the tune of a funky soundtrack. You can customize your skatebird with hats and accessories as well as feather color.

SkateBIRD does a kick-starter - Official Trailer


8) Stronghold: Warlord

This one is a real-time strategy game set way back in 300 BC in China, where you can relive the life and times of a Chinese settlement that grows with you. Command armies and take in the beautiful sights of China.   

Stronghold: Warlord - Official Trailer


7) Summer Catchers

Summer Catchers stars a young girl named Chu, who’s only wish is to finally see Summer after living in the blistering cold all her life. She embarks on a journey that proves to be much more than she ever could’ve expected, with all sorts of larger than life creatures both wonderful and dangerous to meet along the way. With a beautiful retro-inspired pixel art and a soundtrack that pushes the high octane journey along, Summer Catchers was by far one of the most exciting new games revealed at the show.

Summer Catchers - KFGShowcase E3 Trailer


6) Adam’s Ascending

It is the year 3033, and the hero of this game finds himself crash landed on a strange alien world after following a mysterious portal through space with the hope of discovering alien life. The game is a third person adventure through this strange world with plenty of exploration, puzzle solving, and combat along with a story that focuses on both the dangers we face outside and inside of ourselves. Maybe the most impressive fact about Adam’s Ascending is that it has been made entirely by one person. It is proof that if you have a cool idea for a game, it is absolutely possible for you to bring it to life.

Adams Ascending - Story Trailer


5) The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is about two best friends, Frendt and Arina who unexpectedly find themselves in a world of magical islands full of strange puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover. It is an adventurous tale of time travel, friendship, and the struggles of growing up, and has a beautiful art style to back it up.

The Gardens Between - Gameplay Trailer


4) Recompile

Recompile is a Metroidvania style adventure that takes place inside a computer mainframe. There are hacking minigames, puzzles to solve, enemies to face and choices to make that all decide your fate with multiple endings. The visuals and soundtrack set it apart from other games like it, and with inspirations like Ori and the Blind Forest and Breath of the Wild, Recompile has a good chance of being something special.

Recompile - Reveal Trailer


3) Brave Earth: Prologue

This NES inspired action-platformer is inspired by games like Castlevania 3 and Ninja Gaiden but instead of being frustrating like those games can be, Brave Earth: Prologue wants to keep you on your toes and challenged without being too difficult. The pixel art is a great throwback to the NES but still has a distinct style all it’s own.

Brave Earth: Prologue - Second Trailer


2) Etherborn

Etherborn is a dreamlike puzzle game where the environment itself is the puzzle. You can move all over the level similar to Super Mario Galaxy, where gravity sticks you to the ground no matter what crazy angle you might find yourself in. Play this game if you want to be transported to a place where each twist and turn is different from the last.

Etherborn - Announcement Trailer


1) Lost Ember

In Lost Ember, find out the secrets of the past and assume the role of various animals to explore a world overtaken by nature. Fly like a bird, burrow as a mole, swim like a fish, any creature you see you can become. The primary creature you control is a wolf which in of itself is fun, but being able to see nature from all these different perspectives is an experience you can’t find anywhere else. Out of all the dozens of games shown off during the Showcase, the one interested me the most by far. 

Lost Ember Release Announcement Trailer


It was really tough to narrow down just 10 games for this list, but that just goes to show how creative indie developers are and that nearly any idea can be made into a reality. 

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