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When Will We Hear From PlayStation?

Sony sat out of E3 2019, so when will we hear about their next projects?

Jul 01, 2019

By: Max Cannon

E3 has wrapped up for the year. This massive video game conference comes to the Los Angeles Convention Center at the start of every summer and is a gathering of the biggest companies in gaming. You'll see the latest trailers from Microsoft, Nintendo, and --until this year -- Sony. The team behind the PlayStation sat out of this year's event, a surprise considering they'd been showing up since the first E3 in 1995. That doesn't mean that Sony isn't hard at work on new PlayStation projects, so when will they unveil their next big thing? 

PlayStation Experience

E3 is certainly the biggest event in video games but that doesn't mean there aren't similar, but smaller, showcases. With tons of developers showing off their games at conventions like PAX, it makes sense that big names like PlayStation would put their energy into their very own event. PlayStation Experience is a show hosted by Sony that ran for three years way back in 2002 and 2003 before returning in 2014 to 2017. The vagueness and inconsistency of the event means that it's not a lock for a 2019 return, however, if there will be a show in 2019 I'd be very surprised if we didn't get a decent look at the future of PlayStation, both in games and hardware. 

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These massive conventions have seen giant announcements before, including the reveal of The Last of Us Part II and the first gameplay for Uncharted 4. But PlayStation Experience is still a far cry from being as big of a deal as something like E3, and if the PlayStation 4 is anything to go off of, maybe PlayStation could host a special one-of-a-kind show to make their big announcement.

PlayStation Experience is basically a tiny-E3 focused entirely on PlayStation.PlayStation Experience is basically a tiny-E3 focused entirely on PlayStation.

Revealing Another Console

Way back in February 2013, PlayStation sent out several invitations to various journalists to attend a mysterious show in New York City. This turned out to be the announcement of the PlayStation 4, alongside a confirmation of several impressive games that would be coming to the console. With the PlayStation 5 on the horizon, it makes a lot of sense to assume that they'll do something like they did last time to kickstart what is hopefully an awesome machine. While I wouldn't expect PlayStation to pull from the exact playbook they'd used last time, this seems like a bit more likely of a situation.

Xbox's holiday 2020 release window for their next console indicates that the PS5 could release around then too.Xbox's holiday 2020 release window for their next console indicates that the PS5 could release around then too.

At this point, the real question is about when we'll possibly see the PlayStation 5 in our homes. The safest bet for release is sometime around Holiday 2020, which is when we're confirmed to see Xbox's new system, and likely for a costly, but reasonable, $400-ish. Just to clarify, this is all speculation at the moment, but PlayStation's a company that has a clear pattern you can follow and we're guaranteed to get some concrete information at some time within the future.

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