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Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer Is Out!

Jul 08, 2019

The next installment of the Jumanji series dropped a trailer last week. Jumanji: The Next Level is scheduled for a theatrical release at Christmas and looks to be a gift filled with the same avatar-swapping, animal-chasing, video game shenanigans as the first.

Check out the trailer!


Catch Me Up

The original Jumanji starring Robin Williams came out in 1995 and is actually based on a book of the same name written in 1981 by Chris Van Allsburg. In the film, Jumanji is a board game discovered by kid siblings Peter and Judy (played by Bradley Pierce and Kirsten Dunst) who accidentally find Alan (Williams) who has been stuck in the game for years. Ultimately, the jungle takes over their home and they have to fight for Alan’s release by winning the game.

The original Jumanji came out in 1995.The original Jumanji came out in 1995.

Oh how times have changed as we flash forward twenty-two years to 2017 when the reboot upgrades Jumanji to a video game in the movie starring The Rock, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Nick Jonas. This time around, a group of four friends find themselves sucked in to the jungle world of the video game fighting to free Alex (Jonas) who has been stuck in the game.

The whole crew is back!The whole crew is back!Courtesy of Sony Pictures

The Next Level

In the new trailer, it looks like all our favorite avatars are back, but the kids (and adults!) in each of the bodies has been mixed up. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is the avatar for Spencer in Welcome to the Jungle but now is controlled by none other than Spencer’s grandfather (played by Danny Devito) which is sure to lead to some laughs.  Kevin Hart’s avatar is in a similar predicament having been occupied by Fridge, but now has Milo (portrayed by Danny Glover) at the helm. It will be fun to see The Rock and Kevin Hart having to act like two older men!

The adventurers have to level up to cross the desert.The adventurers have to level up to cross the desert.Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Fridge is now in the Jack Black avatar, but Karen Gillan is still Martha. And if all that isn’t confusing enough for you, it still remains to be seen in which avatars Bethany and Spencer end up. Phew! I’m dizzy.

Jack Black and Karen Gillan face an unseen foe.Jack Black and Karen Gillan face an unseen foe.Courtesy of Sony Pictures

In addition to having to game through the jungle, it looks like there are some deserts to cross, snowy mountains to climb, and an absolutely insane amount of baboons to battle on a bridge.

Awkwafina joins the cast of Jumanji!Awkwafina joins the cast!

Rhys Darby is back as the guide Nigel, and it’s amazing Nick Jonas has time for another movie given the new Jonas Brothers album, "Happiness Begins" and documentary that just came out this summer. It also looks like Awkwafina joins the cast!

Brand new Jumanji: The Next Level Poster!Brand new Jumanji: The Next Level Poster!Courtesy of Sony Pictures
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Do you have a favorite character from the original Jumanji or Welcome to the Jungle? Who are you most excited to see come back?

We’d love to hear which avatar you’d like to be in the Jumanji video game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!