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New Super Lucky's Tale Nintendo Switch Game Review

2018's Microsoft-made platformer feels at home on the Switch.

Reviewed by on Nov 18, 2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Super Luckys Tale has made an adorable leap onto Nintendos portable platform, the Switch! Check out Kidzworld for our full review of New Super Luckys Tale.

By: Max Cannon

When I first sat down with New Super Lucky's Tale I'll admit that I wasn't particularly excited to play it. With the big wave of fall games releasing, I didn't think I'd find much to love about a game that originally launched on the Xbox One 2 years ago. Fortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong. New Super Lucky's Tale is one of the biggest surprises of the year and a must-have for any lover of 3D platformers. 

There's a good variety in worlds through the breezy adventure.There's a good variety in worlds through the breezy adventure.

The Lovable Lucky

The game's plot has Lucky, a cute young fox, in pursuit of some missing magical book pages before a group of evil cats get their paws on the completed book. A well-drawn, but otherwise forgettable, introductory comic book-cutscene sets the stage for the game's story. Honestly, the plot won't motivate many players to see the end but the great visual design is a real treat. No one can even discuss this game without using the word "adorable." Lucky's fantastically emotive character model stands out in gameplay and celebratory cutscenes when he cutely dances around the latest collectible. And the game's many enemies also have something undeniably cutesy about them as well. Watching a grumpy caterpillar or angry bee's cartoonish eyeballs show their every emotion makes every enemy encounter as engaging as any animated film.

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While playing, I just kept thinking to myself that this is truly a "feel-good game." There's a sense of whimsy in the music and world that reminded me of the beloved 3D platformers from the PlayStation 2 era. Part of it probably comes down to Lucky himself seeming like he's having such a great time. He shouts with glee on every jump and is just a pleasant character to look at. The atmosphere of this game is shoulder-to-shoulder with a 3D-Mario game, just without the long lineage behind it. 

Lucky's dig move is one of his most unique skills.Lucky's dig move is one of his most unique skills.

A Breeze to Play

But with 3D platformers like this, it's really all about how the game plays and fortunately, everything feels great. Lucky has an easy to control double jump, a quick attack, and a dig move that puts him under the ground similar to Bugs Bunny --try to dig into a sturdy surface though and he'll gracefully slide across the ground. Mixing up these moves gives Lucky a great sense of mobility and momentum.

The landscapes feel very familiar to anyone that has played a PS2 platformer.The landscapes feel very familiar to anyone that has played a PS2 platformer.

And while you'll mostly be running around some colorful 3D worlds, there are the occasional side-scrolling gauntlets that work well to shake things up. While looking into what players had to say about the previous releases, I'd noticed many complaints about the game's camera but, based on only having played this version on the Switch, I didn't even think about the camera -- which is definitely a good thing in a video game. 

Lucky's cast of characters fit right in with the charming and diverse levels.Lucky's cast of characters fit right in with the charming and diverse levels.

Final Thoughts

If you're a Switch gamer looking to fill a Mario-shaped hole in your heart then you're bound to have a great time with New Super Lucky's Tale. This adventure surprised me with how much fun the developers were able to cram into each level and I found myself driven to snag each collectible I laid my eyes upon. One of the best surprises of the year. And yes, it really is that adorable.

The cartoonishly-evil cats make some solid villain.The cartoonishly-evil cats make some solid villain.


  • Great Art Style
  • Fun to Control
  • Charming Character


  • Uninteresting Story

New Super Lucky's Tale Game Rating: 5

New Super Lucky's Tale Box ArtNew Super Lucky's Tale Box Art

Available now for Nintendo Switch

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