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Super Mario Bros.: Retro Review of Nintendo Switch Online

Some of the greatest games are timeless classics.

Nov 12, 2019

Though there are some fantasic adventures on many of our modern-machines, the classic-consoles of yesteryear have some awesome adventures that still hold up to today's standards. Fortunately, Nintendo Switch Online's subscription gets you access to a library of vintage NES and SNES games that were originally released in the 80s and 90s! Some of these older games definitely show their age but there are some awesome ones that you should certainly sink your time into. If you're looking for something worth your time from the collection, then you're in the right place. 

Super Mario Bros.

Everyone has played some sort of Mairio game in their life, but there's a strong possibility that you may only be familiar with the newer games like Super Mario Odyssey. Despite having released over 30 years ago, there's still tons of fun to be had in Super Mario Bros. and if you only played a single game with Nintendo Switch Online it would have to be this. This side-scrolling masterpiece still holds up and is responsible for many awesome elements of the most beloved platformers. Fluid jumping, momentum added to your running, and a tough challenge gives this game a lot to love.

Super Mario Bros. NES Commercial


If you're the type of player that finds yourself frequently playing games, then you'll likely enjoy the gradual difficulty presented in the game. Things start out pretty easily enough, the iconic World 1-1 won't present too much of a problem but as you get going into the later levels you'll likely wind up in some sticky situations. Invisible blocks, pixel perfect jumps, and the obnoxious hammer bros are going to become a present thorn in your side.

It all starts with the game's easily recognizable World 1-1.It all starts with the game's easily recognizable World 1-1.

Searching Out Secrets

Super Mario Bros. is brimming with secret paths to uncover that make traversing the Mushroom Kingdom a breeze. Whenever I decide to revisit this classic, I'm always taking the secret warp pipe at the end of World 1-2 and I wouldn't be surprised if most other gamers weren't similar. And when close to game over, using the World 3 shell-move to get unlimited lives or coming across a secret 1-up feels like an answer to your prayers. 

World 1-2 can let players skip large chunks of the game.World 1-2 can let players skip large chunks of the game.

Additionally, though this is mostly remembered as a single-player game, there's a 2-player option that brings Mario's brother Luigi into the mix. Or you can go with the old tried-and-true method of passing the controller after each level or loss of life. Though things may take a little longer if you're using the Ninendo Switch's Rewind feature to undo a nasty fall. 

Speed Runners are still trying to break the game's world-record to this day.Speed Runners are still trying to break the game's world-record to this day.

If you've been skipping Super Mario Bros. just because of its age, or because you've seen some gameplay on YouTube, then I'd really suggest playing the game for yourself. If you're a lover of all things video games then you owe it to yourself to play this true classic for yourself and Nintendo Switch Online is a perfect chance. 

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By: Max Cannon