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Super Punch-Out!!: Retro Review of Nintendo Switch Online

An underappreciated boxing game from a classic series.

Jan 16, 2020

Though there are some fantasic adventures on many of our modern-machines, the classic-consoles of yesteryear have some awesome adventures that still hold up to today's standards. Fortunately, Nintendo Switch Online's subscription gets you access to a library of vintage NES and SNES games that were originally released in the 80s and 90s! Some of these older games definitely show their age but there are some awesome ones that you should certainly sink your time into. If you're looking for something worth your time from the collection, then you're in the right place. 

Super Punch-Out!!'s start screen.Super Punch-Out!!'s start screen.

Super Punch-Out!!

While many people remember the iconic SNES games like Super Mario World or Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, there were some awesome Nintendo-made games that never got quite the same level of attention. But the beloved Punch-Out!! series, which started out on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, evolved into a colorful clash of boxing magic on the Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemSuper Punch-Out!! puts you in the boots of a young-boxer climbing the ranks through the various boxing circuits. Players have the ability to duck, dodge, punch high or low, and throw powerful hits or quick flurries.

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The gameplay is a blast and at some point you'll get into a nice little rhythm with each fighter as you climb your way up the simulated scoreboard but the real star of the show is the cast of competitors you'll fight against. Some of these silly characters will go down easily, especially the comically weak opening combatant: Gabby Jay. But as you make your way into the tougher circuits you'll find that some of these fighters play a little dirtier than you'd think with flashy kung-fu kicks or sinister moves like spitting in your character's face. Though these fights may sometimes feel a little cheap, it's all the sweeter when you take them down in the end.

Gabby Jay is an easy first fight that's still a ton of fun.Gabby Jay is an easy first fight that's still a ton of fun.

Shuck and Jive!

You'll get a bit of a warning on some of these battles as the opposing coach will shout out instructions that perfectly give the player an opportunity to respond. In those easier levels, you're mostly working at taking down the enemy as quickly as possible to nab that top spot on the leaderboards but the last circuits can sometimes feel like a struggle just to stay standing yourself! Fortunately, things are a little easier if you take advantage of the Switch's rewind feature but there's still plenty of pride to be had in clearing an entire circuit the old fashioned way. While you'll probably hear plenty of suggestions to play some of the more well-known games available on Nintendo Switch Online's library of classics, take a chance and go off the beaten path. Give Super Punch-Out!! an hour or so of your time and you'll find a lot to love in this underappreciate SNES classic.

Super Punch-Out!!'s original SNES box art.Super Punch-Out!!'s original SNES box art.Courtesy of Nintendo
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By: Max Cannon