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The Next Fighter Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reveal this Thursday!

We will soon find out the next DLC character coming to Nintendo’s huge crossover

Jan 14, 2020

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate remains one of the most popular games to hit the Switch, and content for it is far from done. In addition to the Fighter’s Pass which features 5 new characters added to the already huge roster of fighters, even more are coming after that. There hasn’t been confirmation of just how many characters will be added after the Pass, but with this game most likely being director Masahiro Sakurai’s last Smash game, they’re going all in to make it as special as can be. Whoever the new fighter is, they will be joining the Fighter’s Pass lineup of Super Mario’s Piranha Plant, Persona 5’s lead Phantom Thief Joker, the Hero of Dragon Quest, 3D platforming icons Banjo Kazooie, and Terry Bogard from long-running 2D fighter Fatal Fury. With the current lineup being how it is, nobody is really off the table. Fans speculated for years about Banjo and Kazooie to be added to the series and now they’re here.

The Fighters Pass has one more character left.The Fighters Pass has one more character left.

When is the Reveal?

The new character will be revealed by Sakurai this Thursday on January 16th at 6 a.m. Pacific Time (9 a.m. Eastern Time). Nintendo originally stated that all of the characters in the Fighter’s Pass will be released before February 2020, but they’re running out of time. Nintendo's Smash Bros. Website also still confirms the February date, so the plan hasn’t changed. It would be awesome if this stream was a “and it’s available, now” kind of streams but I doubt it. Either way, the last fighter isn’t too far off.

Sakurai will give us an in-depth look at the new character this week.Sakurai will give us an in-depth look at the new character this week.

Who Could it Be?

While we don’t know exactly who it could be, it is always fun to speculate. A major prediction is that Dante, the sword-wielding hero of the Devil May Cry series will make an appearance. With Dante being such an iconic character, especially for Japanese games, it would be a great choice. And, with his games being heavily focused on action, his moves would be a natural evolution from those in his games. The only thing confirmed, is that the DLC fighters will all originate from gaming, so those fans that wanted to see Dragon Ball Z’s Goku make an appearance might want to pick another character they hope to see. Crash Bandicoot is another popular pick that would bring a little bit of classic PlayStation flair to the mix, but it really is anyone's guess. 

Is the new character Dante? Who do you want to see?Is the new character Dante? Who do you want to see?
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By: Noah Friscopp