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Super Nintendo World arriving at Universal Studios in Japan

Step inside the world of Nintendo at the new park attraction this Summer!

Jan 14, 2020

If you have ever dreamed of stepping into the worlds of Nintendo’s iconic games for real, you’ll soon be able to. At least in Japan, that is.

"We Are Born To Play" - Galantis ft. Charli XCX



An Interactive Park Experience

The music video showed a CGI version of the upcoming park that will eventually feature tons of attractions. Unlike the video, you won’t be making a sprint in a gauntlet of dangerous platforming challenges, but the park features device connectivity that plans to game-ify the experience by linking the park’s wristbands to either your phone or your Nintendo Switch. When you download the app, you can use it to enhance your park stay by collecting virtual coins, complete challenges with and against your friends and family, and easily find your way around the park with the help of a handy map. Rides, shops and restaurants will all connect.

Model of the park.Model of the park.

The Rides

When the park first launches in Japan this Summer, it will feature two Mario themed rides on top of the various shops and hot spots. The first makes a whole of sense, and that is a Mario Kart ride. The possibilities for this ride are pretty high, and Universal is calling it “the most immersive and cutting edge technological attraction.” The karts run on two lanes next to each other, with each driver getting their own lane, and the karts being powered by the track rather than fully driveable. Mario Kart is known for high flying, and dangerous stunts so the track is trying to be closer to the game in ways that your typical go-kart tracks are not. The course will take the drivers through multiple memorable locations from the Mario Kart games. Racing your friends and family and collecting virtual coins sounds like a blast, with famous Mario characters surrounding you the whole way. Of course, the track finishes with its own version of the iconic Rainbow Road track. The other main attraction to the Park is Yoshi’s Adventures. If you have ever wanted to ride on a Yoshi for real, this is about as close as you’ll get to that. You won’t be straddling the Yoshi like a horse though, the Yoshi’s are more like larger vehicles that seat up to two people. Animatronics and characters dot the ride’s length, and will no doubt be a great time for people of all ages.

Mario Kart layout.Mario Kart layout.

Yoshi's Adventure layout.Yoshi's Adventure layout.

Park Locations

If you can’t make it to Japan, don’t fear. More parks will be coming in the near future in Hollywood California, Orlando Florida, and the final location hitting Singapore. Each park will have unique attractions, but the Mario Kart experience will be present at every park. More rides and attractions will be added to the parks in the coming years, so no worries if you can’t go immediately. Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Pokémon are just some of the add-ons eventually coming to the parks, so these are looking to be worth the wait.

Model of the park.Model of the park.
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By: Noah Friscopp