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The Sims Celebrates Its 20th Birthday!

Feb 04, 2020

It’s time to practice your Simlish and say, “Ooboo vroose, baa dooo!”, as the iconic life simulation game turns 20, celebrating two decades of creativity, diversity and a thriving community playing with life!

The Sims Celebrates Its 20th Birthday!

Since The Sims was first released in 2000, players across the globe have been designing their perfect homes, creating unique Sims and telling their own stories. The team at Maxis Studio pulled together a special infographic highlighting fun data reflecting everything players have done in the past 20 years: including creating more than 1.6 billion Sims, building more than 575 million households, and WooHoo-ing more than 1.3 billion times. Those are some impressive numbers… and some really busy Sims!

The Sims Celebrates Its 20th Birthday!

As a part of this momentous birthday celebration, Simmers on any platform can now get in the birthday spirit by taking an indulgent soak in the special 20th Birthday Hot Tub, available in a small update going live today. Sit back, relax and take a trip down memory lane with this new in-game item. 

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is the only game where new Sims with unique personalities open up deep, rich, and sometimes weird possibilities in the stories you create. For the first time, it’s not about what they are, it’s about who they are, and they come to life through our brand new creative tools that are powerful, tactile, and easy to use. And, brand new to The Sims 4, players can share their creations with other players directly in the game with our all-new Gallery. The result is a stimulating new gameplay experience that powers a new era for The Sims.

The party even continues outside of the game too! Simmers can also bring their love for The Sims to life with merch from Threadless, which you can check out here.

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