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For Kids at Home Kidzworld Offers the Safest Online Place to Stay Connected

Mar 25, 2020

For Kids at Home, Kidzworld.com Offers the Safest Online Place to Chat, Stay Connected with and Have Fun

For Kids at Home Kidzworld Offers the Safest Online Place to Stay Connected

March 25, 2020 – While the world prepares to fight out the Coronavirus crisis, the closure of schools has left many parents wondering how to keep kids busy and utilize the free time. As children spend more and more time surfing the internet or on mobile devices, there is also a greater need for their safety. With ​Kidzworld.​ com around, parents can breathe easy!

Today, when isolation and social distancing have become paramount everywhere, children sorely need company and friends. At Kidzworld, they get a 24/7 chat room that is not only the safest place to stay connected with friends at all times, but also an important venue to bond with others, share experiences and remain updated.

Kidzworld.com is a social networking site exclusively for kids and teens of ages 9-16, offering an exciting world of learning and networking. Here, members can use chat rooms and forums to network, share and learn with friends, and play quizzes, games and videos, all supervised by trained moderators. There are also relevant articles (like “​The Coronavirus: What Is It? & How Can We Stay Healthy?​” and “​The Coronavirus: How To Deal​”), and tools to upload and share photos and videos.

“​Today, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, as children spend more time at home, and with more screen-time and at-home use of the internet, their safety deserves more serious attention. We always go that extra mile to ensure safety​,” says James Achilles of Kidzworld.

Kidzworld.com also boasts of a huge archive of over 30,000 informative articles written for kids and teens, a large number of movie reviews, interviews, news, homework help, and plenty of advice for growing children. There are cool science projects to try out, fun facts, bios, and puzzles that will especially attract children.


Kidzworld.com was founded to change the way kids and teens explore the digital landscape. It was created with the mission of providing a space where young people all over the world could feel safe to express their free-spirited selves. Kidzworld.com is compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, making it one of the only social media networks that cater to youth aged 9-16.