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The Mandalorian - Chapter 11: The Heiress Episode Review

An uneasy alliance.

Reviewed by on Nov 16, 2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating

In The Heiress, The Mandalorian finds the help he was searching for. But things arent quite how he expected, and he is thrust into a high stakes mission that once again pits him against the Galactic Empire. Check Kidzworlds review of Chapter 11!



Chapter 11: The Heiress of "The Mandalorian" is another episode that is a delight for Star Wars fans. We see a new side of the galaxy, intense action, and clues about where the series is going in the shortest, but sweetest episode in the season so far. Minor spoilers ahead.

He should be in time out after the last episode.He should be in time out after the last episode.

They Made It, Barely

After the painful encounter with the massive Ice Spider that left the Razor Crest broken down, it was a miracle that Din Djarin, Baby Yoda, and Frog Lady made it to their destination. The ocean moon of Trask is where our band finds themselves this time after Frog Lady finally reunites with her husband after all hope seemed lost. The atmosphere of the moon is thick with Star Wars grit and personality, with Mon Calamari and Quarren aliens roaming the fishing colony. Mando and Baby Yoda stop in an Inn to get some food, finally, and get the whereabouts of some more Mandalorians. A Quarren tells him where to go, but they have to set sail.

The Razor Crest is saved by an awesome crane-walker.The Razor Crest is saved by an awesome crane-walker.

Deadliest Catch: Star Wars Edition

Aboard the cramped ship, the crew sails off in search of the Mandalorians. Even though the Beskar armor Mando wears protects him from harm, it also paints a giant target on his chest wherever he goes. The Quarren sailors want the armor, and Mando falls right into their trap after they throw Baby Yoda down into the clutches of a massive sea creature. But luckily, Mando’s quest finds him, as three Mandalorians come to the rescue and take down the entire ship’s crew. Rescuing Mando and Baby Yoda from the beast, the three unexpectedly remove their helmets, an act that Din Djarin can’t forgive at first.

Still need boats in a galaxy with spaceships.Still need boats in a galaxy with spaceships.

Differences Between Clans

This episode does a great job shining a light on the differences between the various Mandalorian clans. The trio of warriors is led by Bo-Katan, a character that first appeared in the "Clone Wars". In addition to looking great, straight out of the animated show, Bo explains why her people don’t follow the same Creed that Din was raised under. From the explanation between the culture, the bustling fishing colony, and the climactic encounter of the finale, “The Heiress” delivers a thoroughly entertaining story with plenty of twists and turns, action, and signature Star Wars world-building. From here on, the story should only ramp up from here as Mando’s Quest to find the remnants of the Jedi Order gets him closer with every adventure.

Bo-Katan Kryze leads the Mandalorian Nite Owls.Bo-Katan Kryze leads the Mandalorian Nite Owls.

"The Mandalorian" Chapter 11: The Heiress Rating: 5

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