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The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Review - Love in a Loop

Do you feel like every day is the same?

Reviewed by on Feb 09, 2021
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the time loop love story The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. Two teens must find their ways to each other and out of a time loop. Can they learn to stop watching life and participate?



The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, based on a short story, is the tale of smart teen slacker Mark (Kyle Allen) who has accepted that he is in a time loop, living the same day over and over again. When he meets Margaret (Kathryn Newton) also stuck in the loop, the two form a partnership to find all the tiny incidents that make their “loopy” day perfect.   Mark draws a map of the incidents but something is missing.  If they find it, can these hope-to-be lovers escape repeating this one day….or do they really want to?  What key secrets is Margaret hiding?

Should Mark (Kyle Allen) and Margaret try to escape the loop?Should Mark and Margaret try to escape the loop?Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The Never-ending Day

Teen Mark gets up and joins younger sis Emma (Cleo Fraser) and dad (Josh Hamilton) for breakfast. We notice that he seems to anticipate their every move and word. He then goes outside, around town and is on the spot, able to prevent accidents before they happen and be at the local diner to celebrate with a big lottery winner….before he wins.

Is the answer in the sky somewhere?Is the answer in the sky somewhere?Courtesy of Amazon Studios

At the local swimming pool, he prevents a cute girl from being hit by a beach ball and walks her home but she blows him off. He goes to pal Henry’s (Jermaine Harris) house where Henry consistently “dies” in the same video game. Of course, everything Mark says is new to Henry who has never lived this day before. Should Mark be a force for good in this day he keeps repeating? Henry suggests he find a girl…infinite do-overs!

Mark (Kyle Allen) confides in gamer/friend Henry (Jermaine Harris)Mark confides in gamer/friend HenryCourtesy of Amazon Studios


When Mark sees that a pretty teen girl also seems to anticipate what will happen, he approaches her but she leaves in a car, backing into bikes and a parked car as if it didn’t matter. She’s dropped a flier about a missing dog so he calls the number but it isn’t hers. Finally, they talk. Her name is Margaret and she is also caught in the same time loop. He shows her some of the funny things that happen in “their” day that she hasn’t seen yet.

Mark (Kyle Allen) shows Margaret some cool things she hasn't seenMark shows Margaret some cool things she hasn't seenCourtesy of Amazon Studios

She gives him her number but doesn’t text back. He sends some hilarious selfies. Finally they get together. He is skipping summer school and wants to go to art school. She wants to be a NASA Mission Specialist/Astronaut. She’s very math-smart. Both have no idea why they are in this loop. Maybe they are supposed to fix or repair something.

Mark (Kyle Allen) is used to the time loopMark is used to the time loopCourtesy of Amazon Studios

Tiny, Perfect Things

Mark is frustrated that someone named Jared texts or phones Margaret every day at 6 P.M. and she leaves no matter what. A boyfriend? She isn’t saying. Mark looks him up. He is a 21-year-old Med student. Moving on, Mark suggests they try to experience and map all the little perfect things that happen in their day. She is game. It’s kind of like Pokemon Go. She’s methodical and scientific about it. He just wants to go out and find cool things and they do; tons of traffic stopped for a turtle crossing the road and much more. She still won’t share her personal life and continues to leave for “Jared”. Henry suggests Mark take this girl somewhere she’ll love and just kiss her. If his day really does repeat (and Henry isn’t sure he believes), Mark can just try again if she isn’t receptive.

Margaret (Kathryn Newton) finds a four-leaf clover..one of the tiny perfect thingsMargaret finds a four-leaf clover..one of the tiny perfect thingsCourtesy of Amazon Studios

NASA in the Gym

Mark takes Margaret to the school gym where he has set up an entire NASA-style trip to “space”. Margaret is blown away. It’s really cool! He almost kisses her but it doesn’t happen.

Mark (Kyle Allen) and Margaret (Kathryn Newton) in his moonscapeMark and Margaret in his moonscapeCourtesy of Amazon Studios

Later, they are at Mark’s house and have beers. He says his mom always leaves early for work so he never sees her anymore. His dad quit work to write some book. She doesn’t volunteer anything about her life or parents. He moves to kiss her but she puts him in the “friendzone”.

Mark (Kyle Allen) almost kisses Margaret (Kathryn Newton) as they check out their perfect mapMark almost kisses Margaret as they check out their perfect mapCourtesy of Amazon Studios

He hates it but agrees. He finally feels trapped and tells his dad that he has no future so no need to plan one. He learns from sis Emma that dad got fired or “let go” and he and mom can’t afford art school for Mark. He should pay more attention to what goes on around him!

Margaret (Kathryn Newton) loves Mark's NASA-themed adventureMargaret loves Mark's NASA-themed adventureCourtesy of Amazon Studios

Plane to Japan

Both Mark and Margaret are finally bored and frustrated with their fate. We have no future! He admits he loves her. She seems to care for him. What if they cross the international dateline by flying to maybe…Tokyo? Would this help break the time loop? She agrees but gets off the plane when he isn’t looking. He sadly goes on but crossing the date line to the next day doesn’t work! He’s back in his bed the next morning. He decides to stop just watching the day but participate. He asks his dad about his book, attends Emma’s soccer game where she always loses… but now, she wins! Can he change things?

Could the map hold the secret of escaping the loop?Could the map hold the secret of escaping the loop?Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The Hospital

After breaking his wrist while participating with some skateboarders, Mark is in the hospital where he sees Margaret in the room of a dying woman. Could this be her mom? Does this answer why she is mysterious about her family? Does she have to watch mom die over and over? Mark continues to participate rather than watch his life go by. Will he and Margaret ever escape their loop and see the dawn of a new day? Will the lost dog be found? Does Mark’s map of perfect things make a difference? Will they be a couple? Why are they here and how does the loop work?

Will we ever escape?Will we ever escape?Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Wrapping Up

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is like the classic time loop movie Groundhog Day, which is referred to in the film, but seen from a more modern, teen perspective. It is a bit slow in sections during which the story doesn’t move forward but even those are entertaining as Mark and Margaret (played well as a cute couple by Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton) move through their day as only they can; taking money out of an ATM and just hiding it in greeting cards or tossing it on the ground, etc.

Margaret (Kathryn Newton) tries to figure out how the time loop worksMargaret tries to figure out how the time loop worksCourtesy of Amazon Studios

Margaret hiding the details of her life from Mark makes for a nice, involving mystery to unravel and you can root for the couple as more things are revealed. If you think your life is boring and each day is the same during the pandemic, this film encourages you to look for the bright side. Notice the little things and be more aware of what is going on around you. We should not just watch life (however depressing) go by but participate in it, make the joy more joyful and help when we can during sad moments. It’s a nice movie message while serving up a sweet Valentine’s Day romance. We award four stars.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Rating: 4 

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Movie Review - Love in a LoopCourtesy of Amazon Studios

See The Map of Tiny Perfect Things on Prime Video February 12th