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Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup Championships!

Dec 27, 2006

Electronic Arts' Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup video game championship tournament continued into the second round thanks to Nintendo, LEGO and all you Harry Potter fans! Here's the rest of the 411 on the first ever Quidditch World Cup North American Championship tournament!

Quidditch World Cup - The Second Round

The second round flew past with more high-speed Quidditch action, special moves, and Bow Wow giving the audience the 411 on it as it happened. The finalists emerged when the Spanish team, played by Will Henderson, won the match to go on to the final round. Then everyone watched as the other game built to a 140-30 score. A last minute capture of the Golden Snitch by the German team, played by Marie Barnett, changed the score to 140-180 and sent Marie into the final round!

Quidditch World Cup - The Final Round

The final match of the Quidditch World Cup North American Championships was between Will Henderson and Marie Barnett - two fierce competitors with incredible Quidditch skills. They played an awesome game of Quidditch that went to 80-30 in the final moments, then ended when Will managed to catch the elusive Golden Snitch to become the champion!

Quidditch World Cup - The Champion!

Will Henderson is now the first-ever North American Quidditch Champion and is on his way to becoming the world's greatest player! After the match was over, Will answered a few questions about the competition. Amazingly, he almost didn't come. He and his sister were competing to make it to the finals and she was favored, but he beat her in two straight games, just before the event, to earn the right to play. Now that Will's the winner, he's going to hang his Nimbus 2000 over the fireplace at home as a trophy. As for his secret strategies - he's not telling! He still has to beat other Quidditch champions from all over the world this December and he doesn't want them snagging his secrets.

Quidditch World Cup - Tournament Wrap-Up

After the tournament finished, everybody had a chance to chill and catch the trailer for the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Plus, there were tons of people playin' games - one of the championship contestants even played a game of Quidditch with Kidzworld's Gary (and kicked his butt)!

For more info on the Quidditch World Cup video game, head to www.quidditchworldcup.com

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