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Survivor All-Stars Cast Profiles (pg. 3)

Dec 27, 2006

Survivor All-Stars Saboga Tribe

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Jenna Lewis

Age: 26
Previous Survivor Show:Season One, Pulau Tiga.
Survivor History: Despite being the ninth person voted out and the second member of the jury, Jenna Lewis made a big impression on Survivor fans. She was perky and cute. Survivor fans will never forget the tear-jerking moments when Jenna Lewis was the only Survivor who didn't get a video tape from their family.
Simon's Prediction: If Jenna's still as fun and cute as she was on the first Survivor, she'll make allies quickly. I think Jenna Lewis will make it to the final five, at least.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Ethan Zohn

Age: 30
Previous Survivor Show: Africa.
Survivor History: Ethan Zohn made flying under the radar an art form. His quiet, laid back scheming (was he really scheming or did he just not care?) snagged him a million bucks and the title of Sole Survivor, Africa.
Simon's Prediction: I dig Ethan, he's zen, like me. But unfortunately, he's also a millionaire and I don't think tribemates like Jenna, Jerri, Rupert and Rudy want him to have a second shot. If Ethan Zohn's not the first one gone from Saboga, he won't be far behind.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Tina Wesson

Age: 42
Previous Survivor Show: Australian Outback.
Survivor History: Tina Wesson made riding coattails an art form. Tina managed to win Survivor Australian Outback without ever having a vote cast against her and without ever winning an individual immunity challenge. She just cruised along with whatever alliance was leading the pack.
Simon's Prediction: Tina Wesson seems like a nice enough lady, but nice won't make you a millionaire - twice. Tina's only ally will be Ethan and since I think he'll be gone pretty fast, she'll be gone fast too.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Rupert Boneham

Age: 39
Previous Survivor Show: Pearl Islands
Survivor History: Rupert Boneham quickly became the most huggable brute in Survivor history. Even though, he ended up the second person on the jury, being voted out ninth overall, Rupert made a lot of friends and fans. Rupert was best known for his kickass fishing skills and wearing a skirt without shame.
Simon's Prediction: Rupert Boneham rocks! However, there might be a battle for quirkiest tribe provider between Rudy and Rupert, and he's the only Pearl Island tribemate there, so he may have trouble making friends. Rupert won't even make the jury this time.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Jerri Manthey

Age: 33
Previous Survivor Show: Australian Outback.
Survivor History: Jerri didn't make many buddies on Survivor Australian Outback. Her bossy, nasty attitude started when she accused Kel of smuggling in beef jerky and continued until she was finally voted out ninth and became the second member of the jury.
Simon's Prediction: If Jerri Manthey can work her cute-factor and play down her attitude, she might make it to the merge.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Rudy Boesch

Age: 76!
Previous Survivor Show: Season One, Pulau Tiga
Survivor History: Rudy Boesch was, and probably still is, the crustiest, snarkiest Survivor ever. He's also the oldest Survivor ever. Still, his cooking skills and his Navy instincts scored him a third place finish.
Simon's Prediction: If Rudy is still the same old Rudy, he's gonna get far. Somehow his cranky old man thing is a total asset. Rudy won't be voted out early and may even make it back into the final three.

So that's it for our profile of Survivor All-Stars. What do !

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