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The Sugababes Interview

Dec 27, 2006

By: Sindy

Don't be fooled by the name; there's nothing overly sweet about this UK threesome. Sindy sits down with the ladies of the Sugababes to chat about their new album and making a name for themselves on this side of the pond.

Sindy: Congratulations on the new album, Three! How is it different than your previous albums?

Keisha: Um, I think that every single album that we've ever released has been different - every single song we do on each album is completely different. I think it's just to do with us as individuals - growing up, having new things to write about. Also, working with different producers around us who bring in their own individual style.

Sindy: What sets the Sugababes apart from other girl groups?

Heidi: I don't think there's anything really obvious that sets us apart from other groups. I think all groups are obviously going to be different because - you know, it's different people. With us, you know, we created Sugababes ourselves, so it's basically just about us. We don't really focus a lot on what sets us apart or who's better than us, or who we're better than. If you think like that, you don't really progress yourself - and also, your music, or other things that you do, can become contrived

Mutya: I think we just focus

Keisha: Yeah, but we know that there's no other band that sounds like the Sugababes.

Sindy: What's your favorite part about being in the Sugababes?

Mutya: I think the best part of being in the Sugababes is actually getting to perform and write our own stuff. I think just being ourselves as well, cuz there's no one who's ever told us how to be - you know, a lot of groups in the UK have been controlled - and we're actually allowed, for some strange reason, to do and say what we want, which is really nice.

Sindy: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Keisha: I loved Brandy, Jodeci, R. Kelly, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey

Heidi: I listen to all types of different music - I think it depends what mood you're in. I love Motown and jazz. When I was younger, I loved Madonna and Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Now I love Alicia Keys and Coldplay

Mutya: I'm just into R&B, hip hop, and a lot of the UK garage, and you know, that's it really. I'm a very random person. Just anyone I feel that can sing well - I'm really into my vocals, so I'm a really big fan of, like, Monica as well.

Sindy: Are you concerned about being good role models for your younger fans?

Heidi: I think it's a big thing for people to say that you're a role model to younger fans, because obviously, we're still growing up and we're going to make mistakes. So I'd rather not be - I'm a good girl, but I'd rather not be a role model because I'm bound to make mistakes, and I'd rather not have someone copy it. That's a rather big pressure, I think.

Sindy: Do you find it hard dealing with fame at such a young age?

Keisha: No, not really. We started out playing in pubs when we were 15 - me and Mutya - and when you're under the age of 16 (in the UK), you can only work 72 days a year, anyway. That's why it was so easy for us, because we weren't working that much. Also, with our first-ever album, we weren't that successful in the UK - even though it was critically acclaimed - whereas in Germany our album was burning up - it was huge. So when we went over to Germany we'd be treated like stars - you know, screaming fans everywhere. Then when we came over to the UK, no one cared. People would just walk past us, no one knew who we were. We've been blessed to have a really good balance from the beginning.

Sindy: Where is your favorite place to play?

Heidi: I always enjoy - most of all - playing for your home crowd. We just finished our European tour, but my favorite gig was going back to Liverpool, and seeing the home crowd.

Sindy: What would you be doing if you weren't in the group?

Mutya: I think we'd all be singing and trying to get in a group - it what we've all always wanted to do, really.

Sindy: What advice would you give to girls who want to follow in your footsteps?

Keisha: Basically, I think, whoever wants to get into the music industry, they need to remember that you need to be able to work hard. So if you're about to get into the music industry just for the fame, you're never gonna last. And make sure you learn a lot about the music industry, cuz you can still be naive coming into this industry at, like, 30 years old. For me and Mutya, we've been in this group since we were 11 years old - and I wouldn't want to turn back time and change anything, because it's made us who we are today - but I think that it's very important for kids to still stay in school and enjoy your childhood - first of all - and surround yourself with good people.

Sindy: Cool. Do you expect American audiences to love you as much as British do?

Heidi: I think we hope that they will, but we're not under any illusion that we're going to break into America easily, or even if we try really hard. We've been given the opportunity, and we're going to give it a go.

Sindy: Cool. Thanks for coming to Kidzworld!

Keisha: Thanks from all of us for supporting us, and we hope that you'll enjoy everything that we've got to offer in the future

Heidi: Thank you.

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