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Duel Masters: Rampage of the Super Warriors Sneak Peek 4!

Dec 27, 2006

If you want big monsters for your [kwlink]Duel Masters[/kwlink] deck, the Rampage of the Super Warriors expansion is perfect for you! Kidzworld has another sneak peek at the cards you'll be able to get with a look at the Gigamantis!

Duel Masters TCG - Own the Zone!

Do you know how to own the zone? If you're a [kwlink]Duel Masters[/kwlink] newbie and need the 411 on this [kwlink]rockin' card game[/kwlink], check out Kidzworld's [kwlink]Duel Masters TCG Review[/kwlink] for the facts. Then, get back here for the [kwlink]preview[/kwlink] of what's comin' up!

Duel Masters TCG - Rampage of the Super Warriors

Check out the Gigamantis this week with our [kwlink]sneak peek[/kwlink]. It's a great [kwlink]big monster[/kwlink] from the Nature civilization that does what Nature does best - it speeds your deck up so you can drop huge monsters before your opponent knows what's going on. Click on the card to see the Gigamantis in its full glory:

This Duel Masters Trading Card Game card is a sneak-peek preview from the Rampage of the Super Warriors expansion set!


Type: Nature
Cost: 4
Power: 5000
  • Evolution
  • Whenever another of your nature creatures would be put into the graveyard from the battle zone, put it into your mana zone instead.

    Duel Masters TCG - Rampage Sneak Peek Card Breakdown

    Got the details? Alrighty, now, what do you do with this brute? Drop him onto one of your giant insect cards and then send the rest of your [kwlink]critters[/kwlink] off to battle. If any of them get squished, it gives you more power to summon even bigger creatures!

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