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Vs. System: DC Trading Card Game Review (pg.2)

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Get the 411 and a review of Upper Decks Vs. System trading card game DC Comics expansion set and starter deck! - Page 3

Batman and the Joker slug it out in the 2-player starter deck for the DC Comics Trading Card Game from Upper Deck. But, how about the rest of the set? It's filled with superheroes like the Teen Titans, the Fearsome Five, Superman and rhyming supervillains who want to turn the earth into a charcoal brick. Read our review for the 411 on the DC Comics card game and how much super-powered butt it kicks!

Vs. System: DC Comics Trading Card Game Review

If you're new to the Vs. System Trading Card Game, click here for the basics then get back here for the 411 on the DC superhero smackdown! The DC Comics expansion set for the Vs. System TCG brings new groups, new powers and tons of new cards to the game. How does it rate? We review it all here!

Vs. System: DC Comics TCG New Powers

This set bring three new card powers. Well, two powers and one weakness. Check 'em out here:

Boost X

The new Boost ability lets you activate extra powers when you play a character, if you pay the Boost cost of X. It's awesome - it lets you bring out characters early by not paying it, then later in the game you can pay extra for more power.


If a character has Loyalty, it can't be played unless you have another character from their team in play. It forces you to make superhero theme decks or else you can't play your cards.


Got gear? If it's Transferable gear, you can swap it between characters during the Recruit phase of your turn. This power is so good it should have been in the Marvel card set.

Vs. System: DC Comics TCG New Groups

Even superheroes need teammates to help them fight crime and the DC Comics expansion has a bunch of new superhero groups to play with. You can collect everything from Robin to Superman and even Ra's al Ghul. Here they are:

Gotham Knights - Batman and his allies, even Catwoman, mix decent fighting skills with good card powers and tons of ways to draw extra cards.

Arkham Inmates - Joker and the Arkham loonies have a ton of crazy powers and ways to make you discard cards in play, but they're weak fighters.

Teen Titans - Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Superboy and more are here! The teen superheroes are great at teamwork, fast to play and have a few powerful characters for late-game butt-kicking.

League of Assassins - This bunch of jerks are really good at breaking stuff and sending out hordes of minions. They don't have many super characters, but they can swamp your heroes with fanatical goons.

Fearsome Five -This is a really small, hard-to-collect group that is excellent at slowing down your opponent's superheroes.

Vs. System: DC Comics TCG Final News

More cards, excellent art, more combos, more superheroes and you can even play Superman! The DC Comics TCG gives you a ton more stuff to play with. It's a tiny bit more complicated than the Marvel set but, once you master the game, it's great! If you're good enough, check out the Pro Circuit Tournament happening at Gen Con Indy on August 19-23, 2004 - there's $1,000,000 in prizes up for grabs!

Vs. System: DC Comics TCG Rating: 5

DC Comics TCG Thumbs Up:

  • Tons of cool card effects.
  • The Teen Titans! Batman! Superman!
  • Some excellent low-cost characters for tournament decks.
  • Huge tournament prizes for good players.

    DC Comics TCG Thumbs Down:

  • No low-cost Batman or Joker in the Starter Deck.
  • Lots of card powers makes it tricky for new players.

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