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Spider-Man 2 Playstation 2 Video Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Get the 411 on the Spider-Man 2 video game for the Playstation 2 (PS2) and read Kidzworlds review!

The Spider-Man 2 movie hit the theaters so you knew the video game was coming and here it is! The Spider-Man 2 PS2 game follows the movie plot a bit as you battle Doc Ock as Spidey, but it adds in more villains, more action and is as close as you'll get to actually being Spider-Man without being bit by a radioactive spider. We have a review of how super powered it is, right here!

Spider-Man 2 PS 2 Video Game News Report

This single-player action-packed video game puts you in control of Spidey as you scrap with other supervillains or just hang out in New York. It has Doc Ock from the movie of course, plus it adds Rhino for some bad-guy stompination and tosses Mysterio in as well. There are simple and advanced control modes for different players, hero points to collect to buy new moves and more.

Spider-Man 2 PS 2 Video Game Super Powers

Toss it into your PS2 and get ready to kick it as Spidey. You get total freedom to explore New York, talk to people and fight crime from one end of the city to the other without rushing to save the world every 20 minutes. You can also unlock powerful combos for stomping the bad guys or just chill as the famous Marvel comic super-hero. The game voice acting is even done by Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and the other actors from the Spider-Man 2 movie!

Spider-Man 2 PS 2 Video Game Spider-Sense Alerts!

The biggest thing that'll get your spider-sense tingling is that you spend way too much time thumping random thugs to collect Hero Points and not enough time doing cool stuff. Also, the graphics for the civilians and random goons looks pretty gross - other than that, it's solid.

The Final Word on the Spider-Man 2 PS2 Video Game

If you're a New Yorker or a Spider-Man fan, this game is a must-have. Otherwise, it's a cool superhero action game that lets you go anywhere and do anything, but doesn't give you enough action to make it totally awesome.

Spider-Man 2 Age Rating: Teen.

Spider-Man 2 Thumbs Up:

  • Explore NY as Spider-Man!
  • Tons of crime to fight, plus super villain bosses.
  • Lots of different levels and goals.
  • Same voices as the movie.

Spider-Man 2 Thumbs Down:

  • Thumping muggers gets boring after the billionth time.
  • Weak character graphics.

Spider-Man 2 Game Rating: 4

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