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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Shonen Jump Convention Championship!

Dec 27, 2006

The [kwlink]Gen Con So Cal[/kwlink] game convention rocked Anaheim California from December 2-5 and, in the middle of all the gaming chaos, [kwlink]Upper Deck[/kwlink] held a big [kwlink]Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game[/kwlink] tournament or two. All the details on the [kwlink]card game tournaments[/kwlink], and other tournaments, at Gen Con So Cal are [kwlink]right here[/kwlink]. There was one duelist who became the first ever Yu-Gi-Oh! Shonen Jump Convention Champion and we have the 411 right here.

The Champion's Winning Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Deck!

The winning duelist is a dude named John Umali. He played an awesome game of [kwlink]Yu-Gi-Oh![/kwlink] and ended up as the top duelist out of 309 challengers. Here's a list of the cards in the deck he used to win.

Monster Cards
Spell Cards
Air Knight Parshath
Berserk Gorilla
Blade Knight
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Dark Magician of Chaos
D. D. Warrior Lady x2
Fiber Jar
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Magical Scientist
Magician of Faith x2
Reflect Bounder
Scapegoat x2
Book of Moon
Mirage of Nightmare
Mystical Space Typhoon
Emergency Provisions
Change of Heart
Creature Swap
Premature Burial
Pot of Greed
Heavy Storm
Swords of Revealing Light
Snatch Steal
Nobleman Crossout
Forceful Sentry
Painful Choice

Trap Cards
Side Deck Cards
Raigeki Break
Bottomless Trap Hole
Ring of Destruction
Torrential Tribute
Call of the Haunted
Sinister Serpent
Dust Tornado x2
Magic Drain
Bottomless Trap Hole
Magic Cylinder
Hallowed life barrier
Nobleman of Crossout
Book of Moon
Mask of Darkness
Mystic Swordsman LV2 x2
Exiled Force
Mobius the Frost Monarch

Fusion Deck Cards
Ryu Senshi x3
Dark balter x3
Thousand-Eyes Restrict x2
Dark Flare Knight x3
Darkblade the Dragon Knight x3
Reaper of Nightmare x2
Fiend Skull Dragon
Ojama King
St. Joan
Giltia the D. Knight
Musician King
Darkfire Dragon
Dragoness the Wicked Knight

Big Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament Prize News!

There are only two Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyber-Stein cards!
The lucky tournament winner scored the first-ever Cyber-Stein card, a smokin' hot Dell Inspirion XPS gaming laptop and a way-shiny championship trophy. Plus, he's going to be remembered as the first-ever Shonen Jump tournament champ. Click the card for a bigger image.

Bigger Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game News!

Not only did John Umali win the Cyber-Stein card, but he's selling it on eBay! One of Gary's gamin' buddies found this sucker going for a $15,000 bid. If you want one of these cards, and don't have a spare $15,000 kicking around, the only way to get one is by winning a Shonen Jump Convention Championship. The next chance to do that is happening in Las Vegas on February 6, 2005 so practice your dueling skills and stay tuned to Kidzworld for the latest news!

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