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Pokemon Dash for Nintendo DS - Video Game Preview!

Dec 27, 2006

On your mark, get set, go Pikachu! The lil' yellow dude and all his Poke-buddies are popping up on the Nintendo DS with the upcoming Pokemon Dash video game. It's dropping on March 14, 2005 but here's the 411 on this high-speed Pokemon game from Nintendo!

What's the Deal with Pokemon Dash?

Basically it's a Pokemon racing game where you control Pikachu and race against other Pokemon like Meowth and even Munchlax! When you hit the race track you end up looking down at Pikachu and the other Pokemon at the start line. You use the Nintendo DS pen and touch screen to control Pikachu by dragging the pen in the direction you want him to run. To win you need to race to checkpoints as fast as you can, through forests and over water with power-ups you can find along the way.

Pokemon Dash Gaming Goodness

There's a bunch of good stuff in this game, here's the list!
  • 25 race courses to start.
  • Plug in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon FireRed or Pokemon LeafGreen to unlock 380 more race courses!
  • Play multiplayer with up to six friends.
  • Play with 380 different Pokemon.
  • Munchlax, the pre-evolution of Snorlax, shows up for the first time in a game!
  • Problems with Pokemon Dash for the Nintendo DS

    It has lots of cool stuff, but there are still some things that suck. Here's the list.
  • You can't unlock any of the extra 380 race courses until you get first place in each of the first 25!
  • In multiplayer, each player needs a copy of the game.
  • Unless you have more Pokemon games, Pokemon Dash is really short!
  • You need to keep rubbing the screen to keep Pikachu moving - hand cramp time!
  • Pokemon Dash Video Game Feedback!

    Ok, those are the facts on the game. It sounds like it'll be cool for hardcore Pokemon fans, but it's not a great game for peeps just starting out as Pokemon Trainers. What do you think? and let him know!

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