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Simon's Blog - March 15, 2005

Dec 27, 2006

March 15, 2005

I've decided to stop worrying about screwed up girls who like to mess with your head. I'm going to concentrate on skateboarding instead. Maybe I'll get sponsored, make a couple of rad skate videos and girls will be falling all over me. That's my plan anyway.

This weekend, me and Ben are going to start making our own skateboarding video using my brother's video camera. My bro didn't want to let me use his camera at first, but when I reminded him that I hadn't told mom that he borrowed her car without asking last week to pick up some butt ugly girl at the mall, he quickly changed his mind. Once I get some really good footage, I'll put it together with some cool tunes and make a "Sponsor Me" video to send to a bunch of skate companies. Then hopefully the sponsorship offers will start rolling in and by this time next year there'll be a lineup of hot girls outside my door wanting to get my autograph.

But I don't really care if I get sponsored or not, I just wanna spend more time skating and less time worrying about girls. I'm also thinking about entering a street skate competition here next month at the skatepark. It's going to be pretty wild with lots of cool skate gear being given away as prizes. Tons of skaters from all over the area are supposed to be coming out so it should be a blast.

All right, I gotta jet.


Good for you, you made a good choice. And maybe you will get sponsored if you have mad skills!!!!
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Wow that's kool. Good luck skating and getting sponsored. I used to have a friend named ben that used to skateboard with me but the he had to move out of state which I hated and this happened about a year or so ago and I still really miss him and I can't get over him moving away from me because he was the one that taught me to skate every day. I still think about him leaving me the night before he left he came over to my house at like midnight just to tell me bye and that he will miss me alot. It makes me so sad to think about him. I even cry sometimes.
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