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Game News: 2005, 05, 08-14

We have the 411 on what's up in games for ya! The biggest chunk of news is that The Bible is being made into a video game. No joke. We have the scoop on that as well as where to rent [kwlink]PSP games[/kwlink], Green Lantern superhero goodness, [kwlink]Pac-Man[/kwlink]'s birthday, and new pics from Kingdom Hearts II. But, first, here's all the new games as well as what's coming up!

What Hot New Video Games Just Dropped?

  • May 09 - Donkey Konga 2: Hit Song Parade for Gamecube.
  • May 10 - Smart Bomb for PSP.
  • May 10 - Need for Speed Underground 2 for DS.
  • May 10 - In the Groove for PS2.
  • What Cool Video Games are Dropping Next Week?

  • May 17 - MVP Baseball for PSP.
  • May 17 - Garfield for PC.
  • May 17 - Finny the Fish & the Seven Waters for PS2.
  • May 17 - Outlaw Tennis for PS2 and Xbox.
  • May 17 - Sid Meier's Pirates! for Xbox.
  • May 19 - Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith for PSP.
  • Random Game News Nuggets!

  • Pac-Man turned 25 on May 11, 2005.
  • [kwlink]Elijah Wood[/kwlink] unveils the [kwlink]Xbox 2[/kwlink] on MTV on May 12th at 9:30pm.
  • A [kwlink]Mage Knight[/kwlink] video game is bringing the Apocalypse Dragon to PC!
  • The [kwlink]Zoo Tycoon 2[/kwlink]: Endangered Species expansion is coming zoon! Er, soon!
  • The Bible Video Game on the PS2 and GBA

    This is serious peeps, the biggest book in the world with the biggest story of all time, (even bigger than Star Wars) is becoming a video game. The PS2 version is a trivia game where fast hands and faster brains win. The GBA version is an adventure game where you play as a boy or a girl and travel the world answering trivia questions to save the Armor of God.

    Rent Your Fave PSP Games at Blockbuster!

    The huge video/DVD rental chain is stepping up to bat and renting [kwlink]Sony PSP[/kwlink] games! It's starting on May 17, 2005 and it'll be a great way to test the [kwlink]best PSP games[/kwlink] without dropping serious coin on 'em.

    The Green Lantern Corps to the Rescue!

    The superheroic [kwlink]DC card game[/kwlink] from Upper Deck is having a close-encounter of the green kind. The Green Lantern Corps, space cops in tight underwear, are showing up and bringing a bunch of new villains!

    New Kingdom Hearts II Preview Pics!

    Square-Enix and Disney scored a slam-dunk with the [kwlink]Kingdom Hearts[/kwlink] and [kwlink]Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories[/kwlink] video games. Now they're nearly done with Kingdom Hearts II and they have a bunch more pics for us to drool over while we wait for the game. Check 'em out!
    Kingdom Hearts II from Square-Enix and Disney - is this a villain or a hero?
    Kingdom Hearts II from Square-Enix and Disney - heroes, together again!
    Kingdom Hearts II from Square-Enix and Disney - What's that?
    Kingdom Hearts II from Square-Enix and Disney - now THAT is a princess!
    Kingdom Hearts II from Square-Enix and Disney - villains!
    Kingdom Hearts II from Square-Enix and Disney - who's your favorite dragon!

    [rating]Kingdom Hearts II update! Cap'n Jack Sparrow from the [kwlink]Pirates of the Caribbean[/kwlink] will be making an appearance. Will [kwlink]Johnny Depp[/kwlink] do the voice? We'll find out and let you know.[/rating]

    Christmas 2005

    [rating]Kingdom Hearts II update #3. The [kwlink]voice-actors[/kwlink] for Kingdom Hearts II are being hired in May, 2005. Once they're hired, we'll let you know who they are![/rating]

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